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A photo hanger is a great photo wall alternative

If you have a rental unit or do not have enough wall space for a photo wall a photo hanger is a great alternative. You just have to visit Pinterest to sumble accross an array of interesting photo display ideas but this one has to be one of my favourites.

A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photograhy

Photographs are a great way to relive special moments and remember people dear to you. Life is full of amazing memories so this piece of art allows you to change the photographs as you make new special memories thus making it an ever evolving artwork.

This DIY photo hanger needs very little skill or effort and can easily be a project that you do with the whole family. It also makes for a lovilee weekend project or even a Christmas gift for someone special.

A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photograhy

All you will need to create this photo hanger is

  • A wire hanger
  • Three pieces of string (approximately half a meter to a meter in length each)
  • Small magnets
  • Photographs (We just love the polaroid style photos from Nifty250 that you can order on-line)

A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photograhy

Step by step instructions

  1. Tie the three pieces of string onto the base of the hanger. The length of the string can vary according to how many images you want to display or how close you want them to hang to each other.
  2. A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photograhy

  3. Lie the hanger and string on a table.
  4. Place one magnet under the string and place a photograph on top of the magnet and string.
  5. Finish by adding a magnet to the top of the photograph so that the bottom and top magnet secure the photograph.
  6. A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photography

Hang the hanger up on a hook and enjoy seeing your special memories every day.

A photo hanger DIY by Lauren Kim Photography

All of the images were taken by Western Cape based, Lauren Kim Photography.

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