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Get crafty and make a mason jar sewing kit

Something that all moms need is a quick sewing kit to mend a garment in no time or sew back a button in a flash – a mini mason jar sewing kit might just be the solution. This sewing kit in a jar is an inexpensive, easy gift to make that will surely be used long after Mother’s Day has passed. We show you how to create a mini version of a ‘sewing in a bottle’ kit using a 250ml Consol Glass preserve jar, but this can also be adapted for using a bigger jar.

Sewing in a bottle by Tracey Kelsey Photography

What you will need to make the mason jar sewing kit

  • An empty glass preserve jar / mason jar
  • pins
  • safety pins
  • needles
  • different colours of thread
  • small scissor
  • tape measure
  • piece of material to cover the lid
  • pill container sponge or batting to stuff the lid
  • coloured paper or felt cut the size of the inside of the lid
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissor
  • ribbon and a gift tag if you want to add these too

All of the above are optional and you can add more items or leave some out, but these are the basic sewing essentials. You can also purchase a mini sewing kit from a retail outlet to use for the contents of the jar.

How to make the sewing jar

  1. Cut a piece of fabric larger than the lid – this will be used for the mason jar pin cushion.
  2. Mason jar sewing kit photographed by Tracey Kelsey Photography

  3. Place one or two pill sponges (depending on how big you want the pin cushion to be) inbetween the fabric and the lid.
  4. Sewing in a bottle by Tracey Kelsey Photography

  5. Glue the fabric tight on the inside of the lid by stretching it. You can also sew the sides together before sticking them tight.
  6. Lastly glue a piece of paper or felt to the inside of the lid to cover the fabric and make the lid look neater inside.
  7. Sewing in a bottle by Tracey Kelsey Photography

  8. Place all the sewing items in the bottle.
  9. Cover the sewing jar with the lid and remember to add the traditional “message in a bottle” to this Mother’s Day gift to round it off perfectly!

Thank you to Tracey Kelsey Photography who captured this mason jar idea beautifully.

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