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The 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We often see the Three arrows that almost form a triangle and I have for years thought it only meant recycling. It was only after discovering that each arrow represented a part of the waste hierarchy when it all fell in place. I thought that I would introduce you to some of my favorite companies I stumbled across that I feel are making the world a better and ‘greener’ place. What makes these businesses extra special this month is that they are all owned by ladies. Something that is off-course a focus this August as we celebrate women’s month!

What do the 3 ‘R’s represent?

  • R – Reduce
  • R – Reuse
  • R – Recycle

#plasticfreejuly global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Choosing to refuse single-use plastics is something that is highlighted every July on social but something I am trying to aspire to more and more. So I decided to try and challenge myself to take this initiative into August and beyond.

The goal is not to say no to plastic all-together but to stay away from those plastics that are only used once, discarded and that could possibly end up in places they should not.

Some companies that I love to support that I feel are part of the change and supports one or more of the 3 R’s:

  1. Bed Bath Body
    Whether you choose to visit one of the two Bed Bath Body retail stores or shop online, this is one of my all time favorite local finds. They make and supply local body care and homeware products – A simple and practical range developed to make you feel good! Their products are made with natural ingredients and packaging is beautiful in glass and ceramics mostly. They offer a bin in each store where you can bring back your empty containers for them to recycle. My favorite Fragrances here are the BLOOM range as well as the FRESH FIG ranges.

    Visit for more.

    Bed Bath Body new BLOEISEL fragrance from the plante. range

  2. Reusetarian
    This shop has it all in the name – a women owned company that focuses on quality reusable containers for the pantry or even lunch dates. They stock three premium reusable and eco-friendly brands: Pura Stainless Steel bottles, U.Konserve containers and Le Parfait jars. (Images by Melanie Wessels Photography)


    Le Parfait jars distributed by Reusetarian

  3. The Joinery
  4. I never imagined that single use plastic items could be turned into stunningly beautiful items like laptop bags, totes, storage baskets and other Eco homeware items. The aim of the joinery is to focus on recycling items that traditionally would end up in landfills and turning them into useful items without compromising on style.


    The Joinery All purpose pouch made from recycled bottles.

In my quest to also reduce my environmental footprint when it comes to packaging my Tiny Dollhouse South Africa items I have started investigating eco-packaging options. Some of the people that I have found include Tish & Shoo, Enviro Mall and Mielie Mailer.


PS: If you are in SA, why not enter this amazing giveaway with Reusetarian and Hello Dolly Designs on Instagram? Entries close 30 August 2021.

Do you have other companies that you know of that supports one of the 3 R’s that you can share? Leave a comment below!

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