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Introducing The Desert Rose Project

The Desert Rose Project is a creative collaboration between Western Cape photographer, Yolande Snyders and Tendai, a local wire artist. The Desert Rose Project sells original wire hangers for wedding dresses, children’s clothing and baby nurseries. They also do custom name hangers and beautiful beaded heart hangers in an array of sizes. I am very excited to announce that some of their most popular designs are now available for purchase on

The Desert Rose Project

About Yolande & Tendai
Art was introduced to me by my grandmother at a very early age and so photography came into my life. Today, I am a professional photographer and have been shooting professionally for six years. I studied photography at City Varsity, Cape Town 2002. My interests are anything to do with art – I love, breath and live art. My hobbies include making ceramic vessels, mosaic installations and painting. Reading about art and design is also important to me, because I believe design plays a big role in our life. (Yolande)

I am Tendai Alifandika from Zimbabwe. I am married and have three children. Since I was a kid, I started making toys out of wire and so it grew into a career. I love making the big five out of wire. My interest is success and my hobbies are swimming and football.

Introducing The Desert Rose Project
Introducing The Desert Rose Project

When and why did you start the business?
A lot of thought and detail goes into planning a wedding and out of personal experience, as a wedding photographer and bride, I can say that when everything comes together, it looks spectacular. Unfortunately, there is only one thing that gets looked over, the hanger used to present and carry your wedding dress. The dreadful white plastic hanger. I get chills just thinking about it.

My love for recycling and the need to give back what I receive, presented me with the idea of customisable hangers to use for the “wedding dress” shot and as a gift for the bride. Something special goes a long way. In collaboration with local wire artist, Tendai, who also believes in recycling, we came up with a few original designs. Tendai is really talented and creates magnificent sculptures out of wire. His life size Madiba wire sculpture was the first thing that got me interested in meeting the artist.

Tendai is always kind and ready for something new. The Desert Rose Project was started to support Tendai. All the income goes to him. Also, when we have a busy month, Tendai employs extra hands to help him with the beading.

Introducing The Desert Rose Project

What other products do The Desert Rose Project offer?
We also do wire letters, table names and key rings that can be used as wedding favours. Tendai can make anything out of wire as per request.

Introducing The Desert Rose Project
Introducing The Desert Rose Project
Introducing The Desert Rose Project
Introducing The Desert Rose Project

For custom orders and inquiries
Facebook: The Desert Rose Project
Contact numbers: 082 470 1918 / 021 975 6132

Images: Yolande Snyders Photography (YSP) & Willem Foster Photography.

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