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This Totai gas patio heater is HOT HOT HOT!

Totai is a local gas solution company that specialises in value for money Domestic Indoor and Outdoor gas products. They have specialized lines that would cater for commercial and installers needs as well. Totai has been around for over 60 years distributing their products throughout Southern Africa. They are also the holding company of Elica who sells some of the prettiest Extractors available in SA and of ELBA stoves. (You might remember my review on the ELBA vintage stove.)

The lovilees over at Totai sent me their catalogue of products to choose an item to review for you and I knew exactly what I wanted… One of the pretty pyramid style patio heaters! (This baby has been on my wish list for 3 years – I wanted a pretty outdoor gas heater soooo much!)

I know that you think it is pretty weird of me talking heaters when we have just entered spring, but gosh, some evenings still call for some heating – eating and entertaining outside on our patio is all I wanna do! So here it goes… What I think of my new Totai gas patio heater.

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Totai gas patio heater review

Plus points

  • This heater is HOT, not just giving off heat, but it is a beaut! Although Totai also sells the bullet / mushroom style outdoor heaters, this design is totally trendy and definitely my preferred one when it comes to entertaining outdoors. I suppose that it depends on the height of your patio roof and various other insulation factors, but when my heater runs at full capacity I feel it up to 5m away. And once our space heats up it virtually warms the whole seating area and more.
  • Safety is key when it comes to their glass tube patio heaters as I have small kids in the house. Whilst the princess can easily depress the ignition button of the heater, once the protective panel was fitted she was not able to open it at all to get to the button. The front panel has a magnetic strip that keeps it in place making it very difficult for little people to open it. The whole structure and design of this heater is sturdy and once the gas bottle is in place it is really difficult to tip over.
  • Using gas to heat up an outdoor area is just so much more convenient. There is no cables running everywhere and you are able to move and place the heater where you feel best. You can also experiment with where to place it as it is not a fixture.
  • All appliances supplied by Totai have been tested to comply with SANS as per legal requirements of the LPGSASA (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa). This enables all products supplied by Totai to carry the LPGSASA Safe Appliance mark which confirms that the appliances are reliable, safe and conforms to all local requirements.

The not so plus points

  • This outdoor patio heater comes flat packed and you will have to assemble it yourself. It is a bit of a mission to assemble for a single person, so be sure that you have an extra hand and a chair or ladder (It is 2.27m tall)on hand to assist. Fortunately it comes with a really good and easy to follow instruction manual. All the parts are perfectly labelled and they even supply you with a wrench and screw driver which are all the hardware you need for this.
  • All of the aluminium panels come with a protective plastic coating that takes forever to remove. But that is the price that you pay for beauty – deal with it!
  • These glass tube patio heaters are quite a bit more expensive than the traditional bullet look ones, but if it is not fabulous why buy it? This heater will definitely add that WOW element to your outdoor space./li>

Based on aesthetics and functionality my Totai glass tube patio heater definitely gets a thumbs up. It is best for a medium sized patio. If you have a small patio and don’t have enough space for this size heater you might be interested to know that there is a mini version / table top patio heater version available as well. It is like a mini me of the big mama.

Remember that these heaters are deigned for outdoor use ONLY!

Read this review on the Totai patio gas heater

PS: I totally pimped my heater (cause I am a creative blogger) and used a glass knob on the front panel instead of the smaller one that was supplied. You can too!

Read this review on the Totai patio gas heater

Read this review on the Totai patio gas heater

What products do Totai Gas supply?

So I mentioned that Totai is the holding company of both ELBA and Elica, but they have a huge range of products that they supply for indoor use. Their products range from hotplates to freestanding stoves, to lighting, heaters and burners.

The Outdoor Division provides affordable, good quality solutions to consumers’ camping and outdoor needs. The range includes sleeping bags, tents, gazebos, chairs, cooler bags and boxes, equipment, etc. All products are built with durable materials to last and compliment the Totai brand.

Where can I view or purchase Totai Gas products?

Most of the products are available through accredited gas distributors, but you can also purchase them on Takealot

For more information on any of their products visit

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures. I received an outdoor patio heater to review, but as always, this is my honest opinion.

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