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Download these Free Valentines Day Printable coupons

Valentines Day is a few sleeps away, whether you have or haven’t started planning for Valentines Day – we have the perfect Free Valentines Day Printable coupons for you! Over at Lieflingkind, we’ve created a this Valentines coupon Printable, complete with printable envelope liner and tags, which you can use to show the special person in your life just how much they mean to you.

Download this Valentines Coupon Printable

We’ve also left the Valentines Printable Coupon template blank so that it’s customizable to suit your plans. If you’re a little broke or have already spent a lot on a perfect candle lit evening, spoil your valentine with a massage or a foot rub. And if you’re still empty handed and out of time, make it a date for two at their favourite restaurant – it’s all up to you. Most importantly – make sure that, whatever you choose to surprise your valentine with, it’s something that comes from the heart. Have a memorable Valentines Day!

Free Valentines coupon printable
Free Valentines Voucher printable
Free Valentines coupon printable
Free Valentines Voucher printable
Free Valentines Voucher printable
Free Valentines Voucher printable

Free Valentines Day Printable coupons, envelope liner and tags

Click on the links below to download these lovilee Valentines day printables.

What you will need

  • A pair of Scissors or a kraft Knife and steel ruler
  • DL size Envelope
  • Glue Stick or double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Ribbons and washi tape to decorate the envelope

To make

  1. Download the printable valentines day stationery files in the links provided above
  2. Take the vouchers file to your printers and print them double sided on thick cardstock. The file size is A3 and contains three vouchers, so you can print as many as you like.
  3. Line your ruler up with the cutting guides in the corners of each of the vouchers, and cut using an art knife. Alternatively, you can use a pencil to draw a straight line between the guides and cut using a pair of scissors.
  4. Print the Envelope Liner & Tags file out on A4 paper – we’ve created a couple of goodies that you can use to decorate your envelope with. Measure the envelope liner to your envelope & cut accordingly, using glue stick to fasten it to your envelope.
  5. Our vouchers are designed to be 99 x 210mm so a regular DL envelope should do the trick.

Valentines Day Voucher printable
Valentines Day Voucher printable

This coupon can also be used in conjunction with this Date night box DIY that we shared before.

Happy Almost Valentines day!

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