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8 Ways to increase the value of your home

We recently sold our house and I was thinking of the ways in which we managed to increase the value of our home. Of course the main value of a home is determined by its location, size, number of rooms and the general state in which the house is in. I jotted down 8 ways to increase the value of your home-things I have learnt from experience, that don’t necessarily have to leave you broke.

8 Ways to increase the value of your home

  1. De clutter – This is a total no cost way  to increase a home’s perceived value. People don’t want to fall over things or walk into a space that feels cluttered. Less is more. We removed a few of the extra chairs and desks that we had in our spare bedroom. It gives people room to move and look around and, best of all, it reduces the possible risks of injury.
  2. Add a mirror or two to a room to create the illusion that it is bigger. An interesting mirror with a nice frame or pattern can become a focal point and also gives light to a room. I bought two window-like mirrors second-hand and literally everyone that came to view commented on them. Mirrors might be expensive and unfortunately are breakable, so make sure that you Dialdirect” target=”_blank”>specify these items on your insurance or when a move takes place.
  3. I like the use of blinds or shutters in a home. It is also an asset to the house as they are fixtures that are sold with the house. Make sure that you install them through a certified installer if you are unable to do so yourself and choose neutral colours that are timeless. It is essential to clean and maintain them as it can very easily become an eyesore if there are broken slats hanging from them.
  4. Painting – This is a rather contentious issue. A nicely painted house is definitely more attractive and is seen as more valuable than one with paint peeling off the walls. On the other hand one might be wary of purchasing a house that has just been painted for fear of cover-ups. The middle ground here is to make sure that you maintain your home. Homes need to be repainted every few years-this goes for both the interior and exterior. Make sure that cracks are filled properly and make use of good paint.
  5. Another quick and easy way to update your home is to change the handles on doors–in the kitchen or on your cupboards for instance. It can give a space a whole new look and, again, will not break the bank.
  6. Fix the small things. If you have damp or leaks it is easier to fix it sooner. Small issues can become big monsters and sometimes have damaging consequences.
  7. Do some gardening. Before people even enter your home they will look at the exterior. If you have a nice garden it can make a big difference. A ‘nice’ garden does not necessarily have to be expensive. Making sure your lawn is cut and your beds turned and weeded are the first steps. Cut off overhanging branches that can cause security risks and falsely trigger electric fences. Also make sure that shrubs are trimmed to size.
  8. Nice kitchens or bathrooms are always a plus point. I posted my DIY bathroom make-over hereand, although it did cost some money, we managed to keep the costs down opting to do some of the renovation ourselves. Note that we left all the electricity and water changes to the experts – do not attempt DIY projects that you are not in the know about as that might have costly consequences. It was definitely a wow factor and we had many positive comments on this one.

Give some of these a try and get an insurance quote to check for home insurance you need to protect your goods.

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Images: Carike Ridout Photography

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