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A is for Alpaca – a visit to Alliepak Alapakkas

Ok, so my second favourite animal after a bunny is now definitely an alpaca! A friend told me about Alliepad Alpakkas in Magalies – the perfect day outing if you reside in the Pretoria or Johannesburg areas and so worthwhile. They are some of the cutest ancient creatures known to mankind and have the ability to steal your heart in one flutter of their long lashes.

A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas

What is an Alpaca?

Alpacas are related to Llamas and Camels, making them part of the Camelidae family, they with their other family members have 2 toes on each foot. Alpacas are often confused with Llamas, but they are not the same – Alpacas are much smaller than Llamas and also have straighter, smaller ears.

There are no Alpacas in the wild, each one belongs to a faremr somewhere – they are often bred for their fleece, which is interesting hypo allergenic. I am allergic to bot mohair and wool and my skin often gets irritated or breaks out in hives whereas with Alpaca fleece it is impossible.

A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas

About Alliepad Alpacas

Alliepad Alpakkas is a small-scale alpaca farm situated in the beautiful town of Magaliesburg, Gauteng. On the farm, they specialize in handmade alpaca artisan products. We got to spend some time on the farm on a private guided Alpaca Fibre Tour. There are 2 sessions a day (even in the week) – one at 10AM and another at 1PM. We learn’t more about these beautiful and quirky animals, how their fleece gets processed into fabrics and various other decor elements and then got to feed them! There are currently 7 Alpacas that reside on the farm, they happily spend their days grazing and looking lovilee for the visitors that they attract.

Afterwards we has a picnic in one of their picnic spots (take your own basket) and shopped some beautiful items in their store on the farm.

A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas

I purchased one of their DIY Alpaca felting kits so hope to make some beautiful cushions for the dollhouse from it. It was really really incredible and if you have kids over the age of 3 I think this is an amazing outing!

A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas
A visit to Alliepad Alpakkas

For more information about the farm or to book a visit go to

I have decided that what my tv room needs is a beautiful Alpaca image, so I started to look for ones online. I first stumbled across this amazing Alpaca Love Kids party and then share some other finds below. These prints are perfect to add a touch of boho to a space, hope you love them as much as I do!

Round up of the best Alpaca Printables for your home via ETSY

Round up of the best alpaca prints on Etsy

  1. Alpaca Farmhouse style print
  2. Alpaca herd horisontal print
  3. Alpaca blowing a pink bubble print
  4. Boho Alpaca print
  5. Black and white Alpaca printable
  6. Smiling Alpaca Print
  7. Good hairday alpaca print
  8. Curious Alpaca print
  9. Baby Cria Alpaca print

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