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A mini bathroom reno with Union Tiles

Some of you might have remembered my bathroom renovation that I shared using some of Union Tiles‘ totally gorgeous Moroccan tiles on the floor. They recently got in touch to collaborate on a mini makeover, so I suggested that we do a small revamp on the same small bathroom. We had some budget constraints when we did the initial renovation so I decided not to put wall tiles on at the time.

Doing a bathroom update can feel so overwhelming. How do you decide on the color palette, then the fixtures, the correct tiles and lastly who is the best person to do the job? I hope that I can make this process a bit easier and share some tips to make this process a tad easier if you are someone that would like to run with the project by yourself.

Tips on choosing the right bathroom tiles and tiler. Image by VanoVasaio on Shutterstock

The Inspiration behind the bathroom renovation

I would suggest starting a Pinterest board of sorts or a vision board of what you would like to achieve.

  1. Start by Pinning all of the bathroom images that appeal to you on one board.
  2. Once you have a few start sorting them in groups of ones that have a similar look or color palette.
  3. You will soon see that some of the colour palettes and looks appeal more to you than others and so you can narrow down the look.

You can also for instance decide to book an on-line interior consult with an expert to assist you with this. Here with some of the images that I really really liked and decided to use as my inspiration for this small bathroom makeover.

The Union Tiles stores also have inspirational bathrooms that have been set up already n their stores. The Randburg one that the princess and I visited has around 20 of these bathrooms, some with bath tubs and other with shower installations. You can actually visualise how the tiles that you choose will look in the space. On display are also some of the vanities and baths that you can purchase from the store. You might even be able to steal some ideas for your own renovations. (This is how I decided on my Victorian style bath when we did the initial renovation). If you are in the Hillcrest, KZN area they have an amazing Design Studio that will definitely get you in a reno mood. Here with some of the bathrooms that I fancied most!

Union Tiles Randburg
Visiting Union Tiles Randburg
Union Tiles bathrooms

I really liked the creative and interesting tiling patterns in the bathrooms.

Interesting tiled marble patterned tiles at Union Tiles Randburg

Tips on choosing bathroom tiles?

  1. Decide on your must-have tile first – This tile would be the one that will create the look that you want to achieve, whether it is an interesting pattern or a pretty color tile. This could even be as simple as a subway tile, but essentially the tile that you need to bring your vision to life! Mine was the must-have Moroccan floor tiles, and they were worth every cent! They are not just visually pleasing but their finish and feel makes me happy every time I see them.
  2. Choose the right tile for the right application – Make sure that the tile(s) that you choose can be used on the floor. If you are putting tiles in the shower you need to look at smaller tiles with more grout for reduced slippage.
  3. Limited the use of tiles to two or three different tiles – One generally need tiles for the floor, wall and then either an accent wall or shower for instance.
  4. Consider the size and scale of the room – Using bigger tiles in smaller spaces can actually make a small space seem bigger. Remember that you can also create an interesting effect by making use of a large pattern on the floor and cutting them smaller for use in the shower or other areas in the bathroom.
  5. Consider the maintenance needed on the tiles – Ceramic and Porcelain tiles need little to no maintenance but porous tiles like natural stone might need some preparation beforehand. The Moroccan tiles that I made use of for instance had to be sealed first before we could lay them.

How to choose your tiler?

I have heard (and seen) some really ‘creative’ tiling before. When it comes to tiling I always advise that you make use of a professional. I tried my hand at wall tiling when I did my laundry make-over. It is much harder and messier than I ever thought. Making sure that the gaps between the tiles as well as the tile levels are correct all at the same time is rather challenging.

Try to find a tiler or building company by referral first. If you have seen or are able to go look at work that the tiler(s) have completed before that is first prize! Make sure that they know how to use the different products that you want to use and have the correct cutting tools for what is needed as well.

The tiler puts the first row of tiles on the kitchen wall at the laser level by By VanoVasaio on Shutterstock
via Shutterstock

Follow my project progress with Union Tiles

Be sure to keep an eye on my Insta stories (look for Union Tiles) on how I will be choosing the tiles that I will be using for me reno! Can’t wait to reveal the process as it happens!

If you are looking for new tiles, why non pop through to your closest Union Tiles store (there are 7 to choose from). Some of the stores are bigger than others and have more stock to choose from (The Bedfordview store is ginormous for instance). You are also able to view their stock on-line.

See the progress that I have made so far here.

About Union Tiles

Union Tiles have been around since 1922! Yup, they are literally almost 100 years old and the only way this company has been able to be around for this long is by keeping up with the trends and providing consumers with equally quality products! The company offers a huge range of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone ranges to name but a few, They also offer a wide range of associated building material products and services. You might also want to keep an eye on their specials.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion.

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