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How to make a calming Glitter sensory bottle

Today I share a small DIY on How to make a calming Glitter sensory bottle. Sometimes life gets overwhelming for our kids and they get frustrated and agitated. When your kids are feeling stressed, acting out or overwhelmed – these glitter bottles are a great way of helping them calm down and gather themselves again.

DIY Calming Glitter Sensory Bottle

How does a calming bottle work?

Through the activity of them sitting in one place calmly watching the glitter fall through the water to the bottom, they will slowly calm down and feel more at ease. As their focus is removed from the emotions that they are feeling to the objects and glitter inside the bottle. The activity is for them to watch the glitter till it is all settled.

DIY Calming Glitter Sensory Bottle
Glitter Bottle DIY

All you need to make this calming glitter sensory bottle is…

  • A Bottle of glitter glue in your chosen colour
  • Sequins
  • Water
  • A clear plastic bottle, not too big as you want your child to be able to hold it
  • Bostik Glue

How to put the glitter bottle together

  1. Mix the glitter glue and water together in a 50/50 ratio (1 Cup Water, 1 Cup Glitter Glue) – the more glue you have in the mixture the slower the glitter will drop and the more water you have in the mixture the faster the glitter will drop – so play around til you find your perfect mix.
  2. Add your sequins and mix well.
  3. Pour into your plastic bottle.
  4. Glue the lid on (to prevent them opening the bottle and spilling glitter everywhere and for safety)
  5. Use as a calming aid for your kids.

DIY Calming Glitter Sensory Bottle

This calm down jar works wonders for adults too! Place one on your desk and when you start feeling anxious or stressed, tip it over and forget about the things that bother for a little while. Just admire the prettiness of the glitter.

Note that this DIY has small parts and is not suitable for small children without adult supervision. It is safest to glue the lid to to the bottle itself, but should always be played with when an adult is present.

DIY Calm down bottle
DIY Calm down bottle

All of the images by Lauren Kim Photography.

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