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Creative Challenge 2016 Month 1 review

I can’t believe that the first month of the 2016 Creative Challenge has passed already, thank you to everyone who shared their woolly creations, it was such fun seeing what everyone came up with. My favourites being the use of mason jars with macrame, a great re-purposing project and pretty as well. (Read more about the challenge here)

Liezel Glaubitz submitted this lovilee bangle created using a Josephine knot.


There were also great wall hangings made

Image credits (left to right)

  1. Kara Mercer Burdett created this wall art using beads as well. She was going to spray paint the bottom of the piece in gold, but had some fabric fixative which she mixed with pale gold paint and sponged it on.
  2. Cigana Atelier created this piece in 4 hours making use of a copper dowel, she is an expert on macrame and also has a retail shop selling macrame.
  3. Nicola Meyer created this ombre piece, her first macrame ever, even though she found it hard, the end result was gorgeous!

Another lovilee is Yvette from ArtEsense that also sells her beautiful macrame pieces online

Macrame COLLAGE Styled Macrame Cotton AssortedLOGO

Cigana also made this lovilee plant hanger


What I found really inspiring was the use of mason jars with macrame hangers. There were a few creatives that submitted these for the challenge.This set below is by Regina Yray.


Thank you for all the submissions and interesting stories behind the submissions. We have lovilees creating their own wool, and ones that made use of sentimental jewellery pieces. View all the submissions on the Facebook group. Note that you can join at any time and please do keep on submitting macrame projects even though the official month might be closed.

Read all about Month 2’s challenge: Adult colouring here. We also have a free colouring page that you can download.

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