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Get organised with this free Desktop Organizer Background

My favourite thing about spring is that the whole world seems to wake up – getting ready to start new ventures, organising, spring cleaning and planning summer adventures. It’s no different in the Lieflingkind Studio and my head has been spinning in preparation for the new season for months! I’ve especially been pondering organisation systems as I tend to easily resort to organised chaos. Even though we do a monthly free desktop calendar background some lovilees prefer to stick with one and this would be a great choice.

An organized desktop is a happy desktop.

I seem to treat mine like that drawer full of things that don’t have a place. On a good day you will find folders full of inspiration files, photos of vacations and my dogs, notes to myself… and none of the important documents (such as invoices) I really need. It’s gotten to the stage where I’m embarrassed for other people to see my computer and I’ve come to the realisation that I need to organise my desktop as much as I do my office.

Get organised with this free desktop background

Download the all four of the Desktop Organizer Background options in this link.

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How to organize your desktop

Create folders to categorise your files. Some of your basic ones might include WORK, PHOTOS, IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, ARCHIVE FILES and INSPIRATION. Keep these to a minimum if you can (2 – 5 is a good number).
Once you’ve done this, you can create sub-categories under each folder. Under IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, you can put folders for INVOICES, BILLS etc. It will be different for each person, but the main thing to remember is to keep it simple so that documents are easy to find and so that your system doesn’t become disorganised as soon as you’ve created it.

Sort your files into their specific categories. In this step, it is important to go through each file, image etc. and decide whether it is worth keeping or sending to the trash. At this point it might seem like a good idea to create a temporary folder for all the documents that you are unsure of. Don’t fall into this trap as I did, because you’ll end up having to go through the whole process again.

A clever idea is to pin your inspiration images to your Pinterest board right away – this way, you’ll know where to find them in an instant & it will clear up a lot of space on your computer. If there are old documents, pictures or photos that you don’t use but can’t bear to part with, consider ARCHIVING them. The trick however is to take no prisoners – trash everything you don’t need (Do you really need that to-do- list from last year?).
Lastly, go through your trash folder, make sure you didn’t delete anything you want to keep… and then empty your recycle bin. Hasta la vista!

To make sure you don’t fall back into old habits, you’ll need a good system to keep things in shape. For this I’ve created the pc or laptop desktop organiser background wallpaper, which is free to download from the higher up. It’s separated into categories so that it will be easy to sort out at the end of the day.

Something you’ll be working on for the next couple of days? Put it in the FINISH THIS box. Have a DIY that you’re dying to do but keep forgetting about? Put it in the LOVE THIS box. I try to clear the READ THIS and FILE THIS boxes at the end of every day but don’t worry if you don’t get around to it – it’s still pretty organised and your desktop won’t look neglected.

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