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Join the 2020 Creative Challenge + Month 1 Challenge

Each year I have the goal to do more of what makes me HAPPY and that involves doing more creative things. This might seem like a strange and contradicting thing for a creative blogger to say, but just because you work and showcase other peoples’ creative ideas on a daily basis does not necessarily mean that I am able to do creative things as much as I would like. And even with loads of creative workshops around to attend, it is not always possible to have the budget to participate in them all.

In 2015 I participated in the Elegance & Enchantment blog Creative Challenge and then I took it over from 2016. I sadly let it fall by the wayside, but hope that you will be with me as we embark on a new year with 12 new challenges.

I put some Creative challenge topics up for vote in the dedicated Facebook Group and have decided on the following monthly challenges, based on the votes received. (If you are not part of the group you can join!)

There are 12 ‘projects’ outlined for this year, you might be familiar with some, all or none… You do not have to be an expert or even intermediate to try your hand at these, just try something new and who knows, you might have a talent you were not aware of.

  • January 2020: Watercolor painting
  • February 2020: Hand-lettering
  • March 2020: Origami / Paper craft / Paper flowers
  • April 2020: Sewing / Knitting / Crochet
  • May 2020: Making Miniatures
  • June 2020: Embroidery / Punch-needling
  • July 2020: Thrifting / Up-cycling something
  • August 2020: Floral Arrangements
  • September 2020: Line Drawings
  • October 2020: Clay / Pottery
  • November 2020: Nail Art
  • December 2020: Wreathing

Join the 2020 Creative challenge

Here’s how you can get involved in the 2020 Creative Challenge

  1. Join the official Creative Challenge Facebook Group
    Ask questions about technique, share your struggles and show off your progress
  2. Collaborate in the Creative Challenge Pinterest Board
  3. Snap and share photos of your favourite projects, tips and tutorials on the Facebook Group / Instagram using the #lovileeCreativeChallenge hashtag, so that we can all follow your journeys.

January 2020 Creative Challenge – Watercolor painting

I attended a watercolor paint workshop with Lumina Creative Studio and have fallen in LOVE with this medium. What I loved about the workshop is that we were given a pretty outline of an image that we could basically watercolor paint ourselves, making you look like an amazing artist at the end. I even watercolor painted an artwork for my master bedroom.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom

The basics that you will need to watercolor paint are:

  • A watercolor paintbrush or 2 / 3 / 4
  • Watercolor paints bought, or I have DIY on how to make your own lower down
  • A painters palet or an ice cube tray also works well
  • Water
  • Paper, it is best to use watercolor paper
  • Some creativity

If you plan to hop on board this month, here are some projects you may want to try:

I purchased a printable from Etsy and then added some watercolor dots for my daughters’ gender reveal party, the perfect way to add some confetti! You can purchase the poster from Colormoon on Etsy. (affiliate link)

Watercolor dots added to an Etsy printable

Some great resources:

Are you up for the challenge? Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer for you. I look forward to connecting with you, fellow creatives!

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