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DIY copper hooks

These DIY copper hooks was part of the DIYs that I made for the bathroom on a budget make-over challenge for ISCA Taps’ stand at the Johannesburg edition of Decorex 2018. Friendy Melanie Wessels Photography was kind enough to assist me with the DIY and take some lovilee images as well.

You can view the step-by-step DIY tutorial over on the ISCA site here.

DIY copper hooks

What is an epoxy adhesive?

Epoxies are created by polymerizing a mixture of two starting compounds, the resin and the hardener. When resin is mixed with a specified catalyst, curing is initiated. (Source) When you purchase an epoxy adhesive, there are two tubes that you normally mix in equal parts. When the adhesive hardens then it is super duper strong if used as per the instructions and on the correct surface area.

using epoxy with copper pipes
using epoxy with copper pipes

Should you decide to keep the hooks a copper colour then you will have to seal them with a clear sealant. If you decide to paint them, then you just need to make sure that you have a spray paint with a primer to bond the paint to the pipes.

Making copper pipe hooks
Installing copper pipe hooks
Installing copper pipe hooks
Installing copper pipe hooks
Copper hooks

Have a look at this DIY on how to make your own DIY copper hooks for kitchen towels or bathroom hooks

If you do this DIY at home please share some images on Instagram and remember to tag #lovilee! These hooks are perfect for use in the kitchen as towel hooks or in the bathroom as towel hooks. So think out of the box!

Copper towel hooks

You might also want to have a look at this previous post on how to make a copper DIY bathroom towel rail.

The other DIY that I did as part of the stand was this faux flower wall decoration.

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