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DIY desk organiser

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Has spring cleaning fever hit you or did you postpone it to summer? For some reason the warmer seasons often brings along that feeling of needing a change, a fresh start. Is it the flowers that are already blooming or the fresh air? Who really knows? What we do know is that getting organised is certainly never a bad thing! One of the easiest places to start (because easy is always a good place to start) is on your desk. We spend so much time at our desks, so having a cute desk organiser seems like a no-brainer.

DIY desk organiser
DIY desk organiser

This DIY desk organiser has three sections to keep your stationery, as well as mini cork boards for pinning notes and a magnet piece for keeping your paperclips tidy. It’s pretty nifty and is so quick to make!

What you will need

  • Foam board (2xA4 or 1xA3)
  • Clear adhesive glue
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Thin permanent marker
  • 4-5mm thick cork (optional)
  • Adhesive magnet sheet (optional)

How to?

  1. Start by cutting out all of your pieces from the foam board. Use a craft knife – scissors will squash the foam and make your edges harder to glue.
  2. DIY desk organiser

  3. Cut cork shapes to match the two outer houses, or whichever houses you choose. Draw your window and door detail and then stick the cork onto the front foam piece.
  4. DIY desk organiser

  5. Glue the front piece onto the long base piece. To make sure the base is not visible from the front, glue the front piece against the side of the base, rather than sticking it on top of the base piece. Use glue along the edges of the internal pieces and allow them to dry before adding your back piece. Be sure to glue down all edges of the internal pieces to keep it all together.
  6. DIY desk organiser

  7. Finally, cut a small square of adhesive magnet sheet to stick to the side of your desk organiser.
  8. DIY desk organiser
    DIY desk organiser
    DIY desk organiser

Do you have any organising tips? We’d love to hear them! Happy organising!

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