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DIY Reed Diffuser: How to make your own Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser – Today I get to share a small DIY with you on how to make your own diffusers. For those of you who do not already know – I am obsessed with Pinterest. I love seeing the creativity and beauty that is out there. I came across a post the other day that I really wanted to try – DIY Reed Diffusers. I love these little contraptions, they look beautiful and they subtly fragrance your house. Whenever I see them at the shops they are super expensive.

Essential Oils have become more readily available and there are a host of options to choose from. So if you are into natural living, aromatheraphy or essential oils for whatever reason these budget-friendly DIY diffusers are just for you!

Make your own upcycled DIY diffusers

So I will show you today how to make your very own budget friendly diffusers that involves a little upcycling. These fragrant diffusers use dry twigs/wood – plants naturally draw water up through their xylem bundles to transport the water. Therefore the dry twigs suck up the water and the fragrance seeps through the dry wood.

Upcycled ink bottle Diffusers
DIY Diffusers

What you will need for your DIY diffuser?

  • Glass bottles with a narrow neck (to stop the liquid evaporating) – I found my bottles at a Charity store that cost R5 each. I love how old these bottles are – I especially love the little ink bottle (I wonder who used to write letters with their feather quill) – I chose not to clean the bottles as I love the antique look they have.
  • Dry Twigs – go have a look in your garden
  • Essential Oil (I used Ylang-Ylang oil which I bought while on honeymoon in Madagascar).
  • Water

DIY Diffusers
how to make your own Diffusers
DIY Diffusers

Making your diffuser
Gathering the twigs was the hard part – Get a plastic container (not one you want to cook in as the scent lingers in the containers and may permeate your food). Mix one cup of water and 20-30 drops of your essential oil. Mix it together and pour the liquid into your glass bottles (approximately 1/2 full). Then add your sticks and place around your house and allow the smell to diffuse into the atmosphere.

If you are into upcycling or looking for some unique home decor solutions or gift ideas then R20 for 4 diffusers will have you extatic! We also recently shared a DIY Body Butter recipe as well as a DIY on how to make your own natural car air freshners.

DIY Diffusers
DIY Diffusers

All of the images as well as the DIY by Lauren Kim Photography.

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