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How to make a DIY doughnut stand to impress!

We have featured a doughnut wall before, but what about a DIY doughnut stand?! Are you tired of cutting slices of cake at a party? Are you tired of overpriced cake pops? Are you tired of the same old thing at every party you go to? Never fear here is a fun and new way to spice things up. We suggest throwing a doughnut party! Gone are the days of boring and bland doughnut , with companies such as Krispy Kreme and dunking donuts, you can now serve up decadent and delicious donuts as a sweet treat. Make it an occasion and a statement when serving up your favourite ringed sweets.

Make a stand to stack your donuts on!

DIY Donut stand with donuts

All you need to make this DIY doughnut stand is

  • Small terra-cotta pots with a drainage hole in the bottom
  • A wooden dowel stick (that fits into the hole in your terra-cotta pots)
  • Glue
  • Paint (optional)
  • Varnish
  • Doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts

If you want to paint the terra-cotta pots to suite your theme – go right ahead. Remember when you have finished painting your pots they need to be coated with a layer or two of varnish or modge podge to prevent the donuts from tasting like paint.

DIY Donut stand with donuts
Donut candy table set up with DIY paper garland and donut stands

Step by step instructions for the doughnut stands

  1. Cut your dowel stick your desired length.
  2. Flip your pot upside down.
  3. Place the dowel stick in the pot with the long part sticking up.
  4. Glue the stick to the pot. Let it dry completely.
  5. Pile your donuts up with the donut hole being placed around the dowel stick.
  6. Arrange on a table and enjoy!

DIY doughnut stand with donuts
Doughnut candy table set up with DIY paper garland and donut stands
Donut candy table set up with DIY paper garland and donut stands

If you are keen to replicate the whole look, we shared the doughnut garland DIY here.

All of the images and styling by Lauren Kim Photography.

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