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DIY Flower pot decorated with vinyl

These little pot plants with their DIY flower pot decorated with vinyl make for the best housewarming gifts. They are super easy to make and make beautiful statement pieces.

DIY Flower pot decorated with vinyl

All you need is:

  • a pot plant from your local garden shop or Woolworths
  • a ceramic flower pot from your local garden shop
  • some vinyl letters of your choice
  • an oil pen (Sharpie) markers available from Takealot or PNA.

DIY flower pot with letter vinyl

How to?

  1. Clean and dry the pots thoroughly.
  2. Center your letter of choice – maybe use the letters of the receivers name or couples surname?
  3. Rub the vinyl on and remove the plastic cover (transfer paper).
  4. Applying Vinyl

  5. Place your pot plant in the pot and enjoy.

Another option is to use the vinyl marker as a stencil.

  1. Place the vinyl letter on (as above).
  2. Use the markers to mark dots around the vinyl letter in a random way to create a pattern.
  3. Vinyl Letters with Sharpie pen decoration

  4. Let the dots dry and then gently remove the vinyl letter. Bake the pot as per instructions on the markers.
  5. Let cool thoroughly prior to placing the pot plant in the pot.


If you are someone that loves gardening or giving plants as gists you might like our DIY mini flower cement pot tutorial as well.

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