Celebrating my Earthday at the Wooden Spoon Kitchen

I am sooo behind with the posts this year, but have every intention of catching up. Towards the end of last year I celebrated my first earthday. Earthday? Well exactly ONE year since my near death experience after the birth of the princess. I invited some of the people really close to my heart to celebrate this blessing with me and my mom said a few words that had us all in tears…

Garden Party decor with glass jars
Garden party ideas - Miffy serviettes from Kruidvat
Miffy serviettes from Kruidvat

Garden Party celebration

I opted for an informal garden party where we could sit around the big table in Ankies’ garden and just chat. There were finger foods and more and just good conversation. Off-course MIFFY had to join the party… I found some serviettes on my travels that I wanted to use as well as some cute bunting and floral paper plates. The decor was simple yet the perfect fit for a garden party.

Garden Party finger food by Wooden Spoon kitchen
Garden Party finger food by Wooden Spoon kitchen
Garden Party finger food by Wooden Spoon kitchen
Garden Party finger food by Wooden Spoon kitchen
Garden Party finger food by Wooden Spoon kitchen
Garden Party decor captured by Hello Love Photography

Tea cups in tree
Garden decor

Thank you so much to Dominique from Hello Love Photography who took these lovilee images and for all the love and spoils on this day. A big thank you to Ankie from The Wooden Spoon Kitchen for allowing us to have this small function at her place and for the insanely delicious food (that included lavendar and lemon ice ice-cream as well as my favourite – avo ice-cream). Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to find out when the next dinner club is if you want to be taught skills in cooking or just have a really really fun evening out.

Garden party ideas and tips

Garden party ideas and tips

  • Try to schedule your party for either the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler. Unless there is full shade a garden party can get hot hot hot. If it is in the sun, remind your guests to bring hats or add some sunscreen beforehand.
  • Source pretty paper plates that you can use as part of the decor so that you don’t have to spend loads of time on the rest of the decor elements. Using paper plates also ensures that there are less things to wash afterwards.
  • Serve food in bite size pieces. People can get up eat and chat at the same time, there is no formal sit-down time.
  • Make use of glass to serve small portions in. You can either have the guests take some of the yummie food in jars home as favours or they are also easy to wash and dishwasher safe.
  • Fruit platters are a must, it makes for both pretty decor and delicious eats and treats throughout the party.
  • Have plenty of hydrating drinks. I am a big fan of ‘fancy water’ water that has slices of cucumer, strawberry or lemon in. Making your own iced tea is also super easy. Literally pour 500ml of fresh fruit juice with 500ml of cold rooibos tea.
  • Always have some ice-cream in cones… The perfect way to end a summer garden party.

Ice cream stationat garden party
Sugar Cones in a bowl garden party ideas
Ankie from the Wooden Spoon Kitchen in Linden
Lavendar Ice-cream and avo ice-cream
Lavendar ice-cream
Ice-cream in sugar cone

If you are into garden parties or entertaining friends at home see our geometric inspiration styled shoot with plenty more garden party ideas.

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  1. Lynette Lourens

    It was a Lovilee morning with Lovilee people and Lovilee food. Thanks for the Lovilee Earthday Karen and blessings for the years to come

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