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Step-by-step DIY marble trivets tutorial

Today I get to share this easy to do DIY marble trivets tutorial with you. Some of you will recall the DIY cement coasters that we shared last week as well. Marble has made a comeback in the past year and I am just so in love with the trend. Whilst shopping for our new bathroom tiles at Union Tiles I stumbled across some gorgeous hexagon marble replica tiles. I needed them, goodness know why, but then the idea of turning them into trivets took hold.

DIY marble trivets

What you will need for the DIY marble trivets

  • Tile(s) of your choice
  • Cork or felt
  • Glue gun if the cork or felt does not have adhesive on
  • Scissors or craft knife and cutting board
  • White pencil to mark the felt or a pen to mark the cork
  • Ruler

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Trace the tile on the cork with a pen or felt using a white pencil.
  2. DIY marble trivet

  3. Cut the cork or felt along the traced lines.
  4. DIY marble trivets

  5. Stick the felt or cork to the back of the tile using a glue gun if they do not have adhesive at the back.
  6. DIY marble trivets
    DIY marble trivets

And there you have it! I made a set of three and added a ribbon as gifts for a few of my friends. Do you like this tutorial? Please leave me with some feedback below!

DIY marble trivets

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