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Create a Home Office DIY Pegboard in 7 easy steps

I have had so many enquiries on how to make a pegboard or where to purchase on of your won, so I decided to share this DIY again. A pegboard is the perfect solution to a home office that lacks space, it is both neat and pretty and I find it very functional. I searched far and wide for some home office inspiration and finally just decided to take the leap and make a pegboard myself. This post is part of my 10 Easy DIY’s for Beginners that you can view here.

diy pegboard for home office tutorial

What you will need for this pegboard

  • Masonite pegboard sheet from Builders Warehouse or Timbercity.
  • Pieces of wood cut to size to strengthen the back of the pegboard and lift it away from the wall so that hooks can be added.
  • Hammer
  • Nails to hammer in the pieces of wood as a frame to the board.
  • Masking tape.
  • Paint to paint the board the desired colour. (I used left over ceiling paint)
  • Peg board hooks from Importitall, I purchased this set of pegboard hooks and also made some extra hooks from wire myself.
  • A drill and screws to add it to the wall.

How to make a peg board that is totally Pinterst worthy for your home office

  1. Cut the masonite pegboard sheet to size, some of the Builders Warehouse or Timbercity stores are able to assist.
  2. Make a frame from the wood and hammer it in with nails.
  3. Drill holes into the wall and add screws to position the board.
  4. Add masking tape to the wall to protect it from the paint that you will paint the board with.
  5. Apply two or three coats of paint to get the desired colour.
  6. Wait at least a day or two for the paint to dry before playing around with the pegboard hooks!
  7. Start decorating!

my home tour - diy pegboard ideas
my home tour - diy pegboard hooks
home office decor ideas - diy pegboard for home office
my home tour diy pegboard ideas for home office
office decor ideas diy pegboard
diy peg board for home office

Some of the items I have displayed on my DIY pegboard include

  • Lovilee’s certificates of achievement are displayed on clipboards that I created myself, but you can purchase really nice ready-made ones from Miss Milly.
  • Rolls of Twine & baker’s Twine as well as washi tape from M.Studio.
  • Photoblox from Photoblox.
  • Trendy Scissor from NAP Living.
  • Blackboard moustache from PEP stores.
  • Clock & small plastic succulent pot plant from Mr.Price Home.

More pegboard inspiration

Need more inspiration? Visit my Pinterest Shelving & Storage inspiration board in this link. I pinned some really nice other pegboard ideas on it as well. Also see a black version of the pegboard that I created after this one.

My Home Tour - DIY Pegboard in white

The pegboard in this post is from my first home office that was basically just a small landing space, I have a very similar one in my new home office that you can vie on my Instagram account @lovilee_za.

Thank you so much to Carike Ridout Photography for the lovilee images of my DIY Pegboard!

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  1. Looks amazing!! Inspiration to now make my own x

  2. I’m doing an office makeover soon, thinking to include a pegboard, so thanks for the DIY steps, it will help a lot. Yours looks gorgeous!!

    • Kari

      Oehoe! Can’t wait to see, please send us some pics! At least you have Brights hardware in Cape Town to stock up on some pretties that can assist!

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