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Why I totally LOVE my ELBA Vintage stove

‘When you buy something really really pretty and it is just so much more than you expected!’ That is the short version of the love I have for my ELBA vintage cooker. If you’re in the market for a new stove for your kitchen you might want to read my review on the ELBA Vintage range cookers and I provide some extra bits of information that you mind find useful.

When we revamped our kitchen I knew that I wanted a free-standing stove and preferably a vintage looking one instead of an ultra modern look. There are two or three other brands to choose from but when it came to price and ultimate look of this cooker it stole my heart. It was the funniest thing ever when I advertised my old built in unit to sell on a second hand site. The gentleman arrived and asked me all sorts of questions that I could not answer… How long do rusks take to dry in the oven and things about the settings… The final question – was there something wrong with the oven? My answer was totally honest – Nope, but it looks awful on Instagram. My new vintage ELBA is the perfect pretty Instagram beauty, and a functional one at that!

ELBA logo

About the ELBA Vintage Range cookers

The ELBA Vintage cookers only come in a 90cm size option and there are three colours to choose from namely stainless steel, an off-white / beige and a black stove. They are gas electric cookers, meaning that they are gas stoves with electric ovens at the bottom. Their hobs offer 5 gas burners that includes a big triple ring burner in the center.

The Electric Multi-function Oven boasts 9 functions, there are options using fan cooking and then only the elements. It has an electronic built in timer, interior light and easy to clean enamel coating. The double glass door makes sure that very little heat escapes whilst using the oven. The oven also has a rotisserie kit that comes standard with all of the units. The adjustable legs really came in handy as our floors were really uneven.

How to choose between a Gas vs Electric Stove

I had made the transition to gas when we moved into our house around three years ago as our new house already had a gas stove installed. Having a gas cooker hob is something I don’t ever think that I will be able to do without again.

Pros of having a gas stove

  1. The biggest pro having a gas stove relates to the cooking, there is no waiting for the stove plates to heat up, heating is instantaneous.
  2. When there is power outages or loadshedding you can still cook or make a hot beverage. The only thing you need to do is light the plates yourself as the electronic ignition button works using electricity.
  3. You can make use of a pretty stove top kettle!!!

Cons of having a gas stove

  1. The initial outlay of a gas stove could be a bit more as you need a professional and certified gas installer to install the unit for you. They will have to lie some gas lines and you need some gas bottles and preferably cages for the gas bottles. (This is only off-course if you do not have gas installed already)
  2. You have to get gas bottles refilled if you do not have piped gas. I am probably not the best person to comment on this one as I cook 3 times a week or so using the gas and have only had to have a 18 kg gas bottle refilled once in 3 years)

ELBA vintage cooker range review

What I love about my ELBA oven?

Obviously the look of the oven is what drew me to it and the fact that it comes in black! I really liked the base plate plinths that you can choose to use or not. These three plates (1 x front and 2 x sides) cover the adjustable feet at the bottom of the stove that gives it that extra vintage touch. The ‘Vintage’ sign at the top with the ‘old skool’ writing sealed the deal for me it looks especially gorgeous on this black stove version! (This is a piece that you can choose to remove as well – but why?!)

Black ELBA vintage range cooker
Black ELBA vintage range cooker

Other plus points

  • The unit is both easy and intuitive to use even the electric timer was easy to use. My previous oven was a nightmare!!! I literally had to google on how to use it every time I wanted to – no jokes.
  • I really like that it has a digital built in timer, this is often overlooked as a function when purchasing a cooker but not having one means that you have to have something standing somewhere. There is also the function to switch the oven off after a certain time automatically.
  • Cleaning both the stove top and the oven is really easy. Almost all the components on the stove top are removable and because of the enamel coating grime is removed easily. I used to put Oven liner at the bottom of my previous oven to protect the bottom of the oven from accidental spills, but the vintage ELBA comes with a removable tray that protects the bottom of the oven and that is also coated for easy cleaning.
  • Just like my gran’s old stove mine also boasts a handy kitchen towel rail. No need for extra hooks!

ELBA vintage range cooker black towel rail
ELBA vintage range cooker black towel rail

The not so plus points

  • If you drop something behind the oven it is probably lost for a looong time as it is super duper heavy to try and move. But this is the issue with most freestanding ovens.
  • Kiddies LOVE to press the alarm button on the electronic timer that can at times drive you a tad bonkers.

Black ELBA vintage range cooker - black stove
ELBA vintage range cooker black

I purchased my ELBA vintage stove / oven from Lategan & Van Biljoens in Pretoria, but you can have a look for a supplier in your area here. ELBA does not only make these vintage range ovens, they do cater for a variety of tastes so have a browse on their website and be sure to follow them on Instagram @elbacookerssa and Facebook.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures.

Images of my stunning black stove by Carike Ridout Photography and Melanie Wessels Photography.

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  1. Got the stainless model, thank you for your review, this helped me decide to choose the vintage Elba model 🙂

    • Kari

      O my goodness! Hope that you love yours as much as I do mine! A friend of mine also has the stainless steel version and it is an absolute beaut!

  2. Hi
    Do you find the oven takes a very long time to get to temperature?

    My current oven takes forever to warm up, so if I don’t do it far in advance for dinner, we always end up eating too late ….

    • Kari

      Hello Lindi,

      it takes about 15-20 minutes? But that is more or less the same time that my previous oven also took. I always use it on the thermofan setting?

  3. Hi, I came across this post as we’re looking to purchase a free standing stove. We have been reviewing Elba vs Smeg brands and appreciate your review. I especially love the vintage look. Are the knobs made of metal or are they plastic knobs with silver coat of paint? I can’t quite tell from the photos. Thank you

    • Kari

      Hello Shirley, had a quick look on my stove and the silver parts are metal and the black plastic, so the silver parts ore not coated with silver paint. Just metal.

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