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How to make fortune Easter Eggs?

Waaaay back in 2013 I collaborated on an Easter shoot where I made some fortune Easter Eggs, now, 5 years later I discovered I never actually shared the How to?!

The fortune eggs was a bit of a mission to make, but turned out so nice and was something really really special. I wanted to give the eggs a ‘henna’ tattoo type look, but if you scroll through my Easter Pinterest board you will find that there are sooo many other lovilee ideas that you could try as well. I have been working so hard behind the scenes to get my Pinterest account looking spiffy and also introduced the pinnable images (the one below) for lovilees like yourself to pin and spread the love! So follow and Pin away!

How to make Fortune Eggs

There is even a printable with fortune messages that you can download in this link. It also contains some bunny ears that you can use as cupcake toppers and a Egg carton image that you can decorate an old egg carton with for the kids.

What you will need to make the fortune Easter eggs

  • A fine tip Sharpie Pen or a permanent marker of sorts to decorate the eggs
  • Eggs (Real eggs, not chocolate ones), preferrably in white, but you can also paint them white if you prefer or just leave them natural)
  • An embroidery needle or sharp object to poke a small hole in the egg
  • At least a day or 2 to dry the eggs out
  • Small pieces of paper to insert into the eggs (from the printable in the link above or you can do some nice hand written ones)
  • A sharp knife

How to make the Fortune eggs?

  1. Carefully make a small hole at the top of the egg.
  2. Repeat this step to make another at the bottom of the egg.
  3. Again, carefully blow the egg yolk and white by blowing into the one hole it should force the egg inner out the other end. (Takes a bit of effort)
  4. Place the eggs in the sun for around 2 days to dry or in your oven on a low temperature for an hour or so.
  5. Decorate each of the eggs exactly like you want them to look, you can get as creative or go as overboard as you want.
  6. Using a sharp knife carve a slit accross the bottom hole of the egg. (instead of trying to roll the little message up and squeeze it through the little hole. Only found this out on the fourth egg…) the message will now easily slide into the slit.
  7. Spoil someone special with an egg for Easter or use it as part of your Easter decorations.

How to make fortune Easter Eggs

A highlight of the shoot was the vintage Easter stationery that friendy Liezel from Match Set Love made that literally surpassed my wildest expectations!

Vintage Easter hare stationery by Match Set Love
Easter birds from hessian
Crochet Easter hats
Decorated Egg carton for Easter free printable

All of the images taken by Lauren Kim Photography.

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