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Get crafty with a DIY unicorn head band

Yesterday I shared a totally fabulous unicorn party that boasted a really cute unicorn head band. It was a unicorn horn with a pom pom (see it in this link). Today I get to share my take on these cute accessories for princesses with a step-by-step DIY unicorn head band tutorial.

DIY unicorn head band

What you will need?

  • Alice Band – You can use any colour of your choice. I preferred a darker one as the princess’ hair is dark
  • Fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Felt to make the ears from
  • Gold or silver fabric for the horn
  • Batting / stuffing for the horn
  • Needle and thread to sew the horn

Step-by-step instructions for making your own unicorn head band

  1. Get your flowers together – I used felt and cut my own flowers and leaves. You can either make your own or buy plastic flowers for this DIY. I also have attached a printable link to some flowers you can print on paper, cut our and use.
  2. If you make use of felt or the paper flowers that you printed you can layer them as you wish to create your own unique flowers.
  3. DIY unicorn head band felt flowers
    DIY unicorn head band fe;t flowers

  4. Cut the unicorn horn out using the template provided in the printable. Sew it on the dotted line using either a sewing machine or by hand.
  5. Stuff the horn and close the bottom keeping the stuffing inside. Wind a piece of thread around the horn sewing it fast to the bottom and top to create the lines on the horn.
  6. Cut out the ears from the template provided in the printable. Fold over the outer ears as per the image below to create the ears. Sticking them together with a warm glue gun.
  7. Using the glue gun, stick the ears and horn to the Alice band first, proceed with the flowers thereafter.

Did you like this DIY?! Please post some images on Instagram using the tag #lovileecreate to spoil us with what you make! This headband could also be the perfect addition for a unicorn bachelorette party.

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