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Introducing a #zerointerest way to shop with PayJustNow

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I am scared of getting into debt – Yup, I said it… Really scared. As a blogger, month-to-month income can be quite erratic, which makes it difficult to spend on those bigger items. I know I might be working on a project today that will pay next month or the month thereafter, but what happens when I want to spend on a bigger ticket item this month (February is a little late for giving a Christmas present!). Short of borrowing some money from hubby (to purchase his own Christmas present), or budgeting for it way in advance there is now an alternative!!! A ‘friend’ that loans you the money, INTEREST FREE and allows you to pay it in 3 equal installments over 3 months.

Let’s face it – Christmas shopping can deplete even the best of budgeters’ bank account or sometimes there is a more expensive purchase that you would like to make but not want to be indebted for. Luckily, there is a new way to pay, allowing you to delay your payment, not your enjoyment! Now you can plan for those bigger purchases without having the burden of added interest or account fees! An attractive, responsible and rewarding alternative to credit and the freedom to buy what you want today and pay over time, interest-free.

PayJustNow is a new and easy way to pay, allowing you to pay off your purchases in 3 equal, #zerointerest installments. The first at the time of purchase, the second at the start of the following month and the last at the beginning of the month following that. You read it right – PayJustNow is always zero interest, if you pay on time, you’ll pay no extra fees EVER.

Our primary mission is to empower the next generation with a risk-free way to pay over time. We do not target shoppers who don’t want it, don’t need it or can’t afford it.

PayJustNow shopping Interest free for 3 months

How PayJustNow works?

If you are at least 18 years old, an SA resident and in possession of a valid debit or credit card (in good standing) and a valid email address and mobile number you can:

  1. Create your PayJustNow account.
  2. Browse your favourite online stores and proceed to check-out.
  3. Choose PayJustNow as your payment method and complete your online purchase.
  4. The PayJustNow system schedules automated deductions from your selected debit or credit card and sends reminders to make sure they don’t miss payments, on a credit card the payments will get deducted automatically.

I literally wanted to still take a screenshot of the sign up process when I created my account, then it was OVER! Cannot believe how fast this was!!! All you need to supply is your ID number, telephone number, physical address and name and surname to allow them to do a credit check. I thought that the whole process would take at least a few hours but within less than a minute I had my account set up and R2500 allocated maximum spend available.

How much money will you be allowed to spend?

You’ll be set a spend limit based on your profile at sign-up. This spend limit is customised to each shopper and may increase over time depending on the credit history that you build up with them. The minimum spend is R500 on a purchase to make use of PayJustNow. But you will be able to see your limits and available spend under the ‘My Account‘ link on the website once you have signed up for an account.

Upon sign-up you’ll be able to make one transaction. Over time, you’ll be able to run as many transactions as your available spend allows. Making early installment payments could boost your score *hint hint.

PayJustNow My account

Where can I shop?

The online retailer list that offers PayJustNow as payment option is growing daily and can be viewed under the ‘Stores‘ section on the website. There is something for everyone, that includes clothing, leather goods, kids products, furniture, biking accessories and more.

I discovered quite a few gems that I never knew about, so have a look! Some of my favorites I stumbled across include Freedom of Movement, Kingsley Heath, Eden and Co., Chill Winstan, Eendjie and Malawi Cane.

PayJustNow Shops

Just look for the PayJustNow icon and calculator on the item that you want to purchase.

Freedom of movement pay with PayJustNow

How does PayJustNow make money if they charge #zerointerest?

PayJustNow charges a fee to the Merchant similar to all the other payment options available, thus allowing a #zerointerest payment option for us as consumers.

Is my personal data safe?

In addition to this there is a strict PayJustNow Privacy Policy and they belong to Credit bodies that keep them accountable for legal requirements (find out more here).

Ready to start shopping? Visit PayJustNow.Com to sign up for your account. Their App is also great to use as a budgeting tool.

If you are a merchant that would like to offer this as a payment option for your shoppers you can get into contact with PayJustNow via their website.

Something fun

Can you guess what I purchased by looking at my installments below? It is one item from the Kingsley Heath on-line store. *HINT: add my installments together to get the total price of the item and just think of what item you an imagine me wearing. #GROWL Leave me with your thoughts in the comments below.

PayJustNow orders

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