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Introducing Piumini Danesi

Piumini Danesi is an Italian based linen and duvet company that is looking to expand its footprint into Africa. The company is well known in Italy and Europe for their quality linen and feather products and have quite a few physical outlets throughout Italy. Among their clients are Giorgio Armani, Cavalli, Dalai Lama, Fiorucci, Dolce Gabbana and Flavio Briatore. The company recently sent me some products to review that included a feather pillow, duvet inner and a duvet cover.

Introducing Piumini Danesi

How did the company start?
Danimarca s.n.c. was established in May 1975 by two young Danes: Leif Munch Nielsen and Else Kappel Schmidt. In those days, when the weather was cold, most Italians slept under piles of heavy woollen blankets; and Danes slept under warm, heavy duvets made with goose feathers! From the very beginning the company chose the lightest weight goose down duvets to fill their products with and still continue to do so today. Even though the company is Italian based all their products are still being manufactured in the same factory in Denmark from which the first products were made over 40 years ago.

Introducing Piumini Danesi
Introducing Piumini Danesi
Introducing Piumini Danesi

The products
The products arrived within two weeks from the date that it was sent via the Post Office, even though I had to pay import duties, I thought these were minimal. Upon ordering the duvet Piumini Danesi recommends choosing the right duvet inner for your needs using this table. Choosing a duvet inner depends on the room temperature and your age.

The duvet inner arrived in its own carrier bag and I found it very interesting that it was cover in light blue material rather than the white we are used to (this is their signature). I was amazed at the feel of the fabrics of the products that I received, the fabrics are soft and very luxurious. My little one normally plays with our ears before he falls asleep, but quickly decided to feel the fabric of the duvet cover instead! What I loved most of the duvet inner is its light weight feel. Even though you are snug as a bug it literally feels like you are sleeping under angel wings.

The cushions also come with panel stitching, making sure that the down does not clump up in one corner of the cushion, even though standard options are also available for purchase from their site. I am planning to make use of the duvet cover that they sent in my little ones’ new room when we move so will send you some detailed pics of where it is used then…

Introducing Piumini Danesi
Introducing Piumini Danesi

Other products
The company boasts a very interesting baby range which include down sleeping bags, baby bags and something called a ‘portenfant’ – an almost baby like carry cot. What I liked even more is their cot bedding patterns all made in 100% cotton fabric.

They also have some other rather unique products like the muffle – an in between shoulder cover that you use when working on a computer for instance – LOVE this! Their down slippers are also great.

Introducing Piumini Danesi

Just a note
The pillows and duvet inner sizes are slight different to our measurements in South Africa, so it is probably best to order bedding through Piumini Danesi. They do however have tables and sizes for all the products on their website.

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