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It is seldom we get to feature the person behind the lens being photographed. Marinda May is a lucky lady… She and her fiancée David, will be tying the knot on the 2nd of May 2013. You will remember that Marinda was the lovilee responsible for the lovilee ‘Sew In Love‘ themed valentines shoot earlier this year… Here with some pics of her lovilee pink kitchen tea…

How did you and David meet?
Well, we never knew that his Mom and my friend’s Mom were trying to get us together. Every time one of us was single, the other one was in a relationship.

One day I phoned my friend and told her that my relationship had ended. She was so happy that she didn’t even give me time to ‘get over the relationship’ and in a very cunning way she tricked me into agreeing to ‘just sms’ David, to which I replied that HE can text ME!

Long story short, after a week of sms’ing and that time, mxit, we went on a ‘blind date’. Of course the story goes different when David tells it, according to him I was stuck up and wasted his money by not finishing my cocktail. My story was, I was mad at the male-race! Luckily, it didn’t stop him wanting to get to know me, in fact, my theory is that my ‘I’m untouchable’ attitude might just have been what made him so driven to make me ‘his girl’. But no matter what the reason, today we are inseparable and in a month, we will be Mr & Mrs!

Now when you ask David about our first date, he will tell you that the blue cocktail he bought me, was the best investment he had ever made!

The Proposal?
Each year we try to go to our special winter holiday place, stuck in the woods of Dullstroom. The perfect break away setting with log cabins, a fire place and NO RECEPTION! We started our own little tradition to have a picnic in the woods with Woollies snacks and wine. So last year we planned our picnic and went to the same place we did the year before and enjoyed our little picnic.

After a while, David said its time for ‘funtivities’ (fun + activities = funtivities). He came back with a plastic black container and a folder and cleared the confusion a bit by saying that we are going to make our own time capsule, which we will bury and dig up again after a few years. We both wrote down our ‘hopes and dreams’, which we threw in our time capsule, together with a receipt of a movie we saw and a restaurant we ate at and some other ‘treasures’.
David said I must set up my camera to take a picture of us. Really FOCUSSED, I was busy with the settings, when I heard his voice behind me: ‘All we need now is a photo of our engagement’. I think if you could read my reaction it would say “WAIT, WHAT!?!” when I turned around and he was on his one knee with my ring.

From here there is two stories. HIS story is that I just grabbed the ring. My story is, ok, I grabbed the ring, but it was out of utter shock and even though you watch millions of soppy girly movies, nothing prepares you for THAT moment it happens to you. It’s unscripted and I forgot what I was supposed to do, or actually he was supposed to do. After a while I realized I took the ring and said he should probably put the ring on my finger, which he did with a grin and then asked me if I would marry him. Off course I said YES!

After I calmed down a little we took our pictures and put our memory card in our time capsule and buried it. We decided we are going to dig it up again in 8 years, 2020, hopefully we’ll remember.

About the kitchen tea?
David’s Mom organised everything. David’s Dad and his sister helped out with diy projects as well as a Aunt working with David’s Mom. They cut out cupcakes, painted them and made a lot of the decor items. The theme was pink cupcakes, like my kitchen and I even had to wear my cupcake gumboots and shirt. David’s Mom even used parsley plants as part of the decor. Each guest could take their plant home as a reminder of the ‘guess the spice’ game and other games we played. I loved opening the presents, everything pretty and pink, I really felt spoiled!

It was the perfect venue, Passi, in Centurion. It’s so artsy and we sat outside on a ‘deck’, with my one long table setting I love so much! Oh, how well they know me! The theme was based on my kitchen theme, pink and cupcakes, so beautiful, soft and girly! Everything was planned to the last ‘T’ of kitchen ‘T’ea! Even what I had to wear! I wore my yellow cupcake gumboots and a cupcake shirt, jip, even though I have only made instant Spiderman and Princess cupcakes, I am a self-proclaimed cupcake lover!

Thank you to my almost Mother-in-law, almost Father-in-law and almost sister-in-law for all your arrangements, cutting out stuff, painting stuff and buying stuff! I enjoyed my kitchen tea so much, it was perfectly me and every little detail, surprising and GORGEOUS! And thank you David for being my own personal photographer! Thank you also for everyone who helped making something and to those who shared the gorgeous day with me!

Please note that I didn’t take the photos as I was the ‘subject’, all the gorgeous photos were taken by my photography mentor and soon-to-be-hubby, David Barnes.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Marinda, we wish you a blessed wedding day and Marriage! xoxo

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