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How to make your own pom pom paperclips

Today I share a very simple DIY on how to make dangerously cute pom pom paperclips. This months’ Creative Challenge is all about pretty pom poms (read more about it in this link). Making a pom pom is fairly easy but you can also purchase some ready made ones. They make for great decor items. I sewed some to my princess’ one jersey and she looks both cute and loves playing with them. In the creative challenge post I also showed how I made used of the slightly bigger balls to make a pom pom mobile for her bedroom.

Get craftsy with these totally cute pom pom paperclips - pretty stationery for your home office

What you will need

  • Mini pom poms (I bought these at Westpack Lifestyle)
  • Paperclips
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Pom pom paperclip DIY

How to make them

  1. Add a drop of hot glue from your glue gun to the top of the paperclip
  2. Stick the pom pom to the glue

It is literally that easy! You can also add them to thumb tacs or small magnets to use in and around your office. Make a few and give them away as a gift in a pretty box or just use them to fasten a greeting card to a gift bag. The options are endless!

Pom pom paperclips
Pom pom paperclips

What would you use these cuties for? Leave me with a comment below!

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