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Read my hubby’s AeroPress review

When the lovilees over at MoreFlavour asked me whether I’d be interested in doing a review on one of their products the obvious answer was – YES. In this household we don’t function properly before both my hubby and I have had our first cuppas in the morning.

But first… Coffee

AeroPress review

The parcel arrived and my hubby literally sniffed out that there was a new ‘coffee something’ in the house and thought it was a present I bought for him. Inside the parcel was three items:

  1. AeroPress Coffee Maker.
  2. World AeroPress championship 2016 Annual Handbook.
  3. A packet of Happy Brew coffee beans for us to try with the coffee machine.

He was in his element and started paging through the manual first and then started playing around with the AeroPress itself. I asked him to do the review as he now has quite a bit more experience than I have with using it and keeps trying different beans and brews for me to taste.

AeroPress Coffee Maker review World AeroPress annual 2016

AeroPress review
I was quite excited when asked to review the AeroPress… it was somewhat a ‘long lost love’ as my wife had previously bought me one but I hadn’t given it a proper try. The reasons for this was that this coffee maker is so simple in design one may be mistaken to think the quality of the coffee it renders is also ‘simple’… oh how wrong I was!

My love for good coffee had been ‘hijacked’ by the notion that complicated and expensive machines were the only way to go… after all our Bean to Cup Machine consistently delivered an excellent cuppa.

The AeroPress, when given a chance, is a maestro barista. This, is in addition to the fact that because of its simplicity it is readily portable and very easy to use.

Quickly my run down of facts and fiction with regard to making a great cup of coffee.


  1. Find a bean that you love- In my opinion the bean you use is THE most important factor in making a cuppa you’re in love with.
  2. Freshly grind the bean before you make your cup- This is the next crucial step in optimizing the flavour you obtain from your bean (Ceramic Burr Grinders are said to be best, I bought a hand grinder just because they are quite a bit cheaper than some of the automated ones).
  3. Play around with different ratios of coffee to milk till you get the flavour you are looking for- Here the Aeropress is ideal, as you can make anything from an espresso (50mls) to 200 mls (Americano).

Many recipes have specific temperatures the water needs to be. I went out to buy a thermometer, but figured out that as long as the kettle has just boiled, the brewing seems to be optimal.

My overall opinion on the AeroPress Coffee Maker is that I really like using it to make myself a cuppa Joe. It makes for a great gift to spoil a coffee lover or potential coffee lover with. The manual of the World Championship that accompanied the parcel takes making coffee to the next level, trying and re-trying some of the recipes is set to keep me occupied for some time to come.

About MoreFlavour
MoreFlavour is a Cape Town based company that started in 2012, servicing the entire Southern African region and are the sole distributors of brands like AeroPress. Their website is easy to navigate and split on various sections that include brewing, accessories and grinding product options. There is also a great coffee dictionary that can assist with you throwing the lingo around whilst impressing friends with your coffee flavours.

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