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For the love of Metro tiles

Whether you are in search of bathroom ideas or kitchen inspiration for a small DIY or a full room make-over, metro tiles can offer a contemporary look to any interior space. The Decobella range of DECO OBLONG metro tiles might just be what you need to make your dreams a reality.

Introducing Decoobella's range of Metro Tiles

Who is Decobella?

Decobella is a newly launched wholesale company that imports decorative wall and floor tiles. They have a unique and on-trend range of tiles sourced from credible factories abroad that they distribute nationally and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Their aim is to provide the finest products and latest trends, at reasonable pricing and ensuring that these products are easily accessible for their customers.

What are metro tiles?

The name ‘Metro’ or ‘Subway’ tile originated from the tiles that decorated the walls of the London and New York Undergrounds in the early 1900s. These rectangular tiles are very simplistic in design and was originally manufactured in a basic, white gloss tile with beveled edges.

Decobella oblong tiles

Where are metro tiles used?

Most metro tiles are for wall application only as their thin, elongated design (and gloss finish) does not lend them for use on floors. These tiles are often used for kitchen and bathroom Back splashes and even on counter-top surfaces. Tiling them in different designs and patterns makes this a really versatile tile to use in the home. The color of the grout used also has an visual impact to interior spaces. Here with some interesting tiling pattern ideas that you can consider when making use of metro tiles:

The Decobella range of Oblong Metro tiles

Oblong Soul
The Soul range has a whole lot of ‘soul’ – an antique look with slight worn edges to the tiles. These tiles are perfect for the country rustic, period home or to create a vintage interior look. View the Oblong soul tiles available in white, aqua, ivory and grey now.

Oblong Alchemia
The Oblong Alchemia range comes in three intensely polished, almost metallic looking, colors namely Olive, Blue and Grey.

Decobella Metro Tiles

Oblong Colonial
The Oblong Colonial is a stunning tile that does not have perfectly straight edges or a perfectly smooth surface. The gloss version of these tiles reflect light and creates a textured look. Whereas the smooth version of the tile a crisp and clean feel. Mix and math these tiles together to create a sophisticated and interesting feature wall that will have people oo’ing an aaa’ing.

Decobella Colonial white matte 75x300mm metro tiles Now available in South Africa

Tips for selecting the perfect wall tiles

  • Consider the purpose of the room. Gloss finished tiles might be easier to clean but do show dirt and finger marks easier.
  • Decide on whether you want to have a wall be a focal point of a room or not. A focal wall would look great in a dark or contrasting colour to the rest of the room.
  • Consider the size of the space. Darker colour tiles tend to make a room look ‘smaller’ and lighter tiles make rooms look larger.
  • When in doubt a neutral color is the safest bet. So making use of a white, ivory or grey is a good choice.
  • Consider the flooring. If you have a room with an already dark floor adding dark tiles to all the walls will close the space up, especially if it does not have ample natural light.
  • Decide what ‘feel’ you want to create in a room like a kitchen for instance. Blues and greens will create a cooler look and a beige and brown will create a more cosy feel.
  • Compliment the other fixtures in the room like your kitchen tops or cupboards or even a bathroom vanity.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to choose a tile, tiling pattern and tile color that you love whether it is in fashion or not.

To view the full range of tiles that Decobella has on offer visit you can also view their merchants in your area here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion. The article includes an affiliate link where lovilee might earn some comission from.

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