How to bring minimalism into Christmas

The lovilee Studio Melissa Louise agreed to write a custom advice post with some tips on how to bring minimalism into Christmas. I am super chuffed that she agreed (As I secretly have a crush on everything she puts her hands to). Her kitchen make-over was also the inspiration behind some of what I did in my own Modern country style kitchen makeover. Here it goes…

Minimalist Chrsitmas table decoration

I am by no means an minimalist, but I can respect the concept and take what I need to help me lead a more meaningful life. I am working on it and remembering that minimalism is intentionality, it’s the intentional promotion of the things we value and the removal of things that distract us from that. What better time to reflect on this than now, at Christmas, a typically busy/over scheduled time of year!

We are often preoccupied with the ‘noise’ of life, so why not take note of the points I am about to mention so that you too can strip down and enjoy the moments of this festive season, noise free!

Minimalist Christmas tips

Secrets to having a minimalist Christmas

Christmas gift ideas: Donate your Christmas gift budget to charity.
This has been a sensitive topic in our family and may be in yours too, not everyone understands the motivation, so let me explain.

Gifting at Christmas time has become an expectation, and therefore we end up buying each other things we do not really need, these gifts are bought with good intention but simply become clutter in our lives. Minimalism brings freedom from the all-consuming passion to possess. It steps off the treadmill of consumerism and dares to seek happiness elsewhere. It values relationships, experiences, and self-love.

Do you really need another handbag, beach towel or pair of socks? There are so many people who need the basics to survive, let us work together in making their world a better place!

Side note: this is more aimed at adults, I do believe in family traditions and creating memories with your children but why not buy each child one gift and teaching them the value of that. There are other options, over indulgence isn’t one of them.

Minimalist Christmas decor

Christmas table decorations: Forage, re-cycle and sell.
Take a walk, experience the great outdoors rather than a shopping centre, turn your walk into a festive treasure hunt – where what you are hunting for are Christmas decorations, it could be a game – see who can find the most.

The best place to find branches, pine cones and wild flowers is in your nearest park or forest. Take only what you need to decorate your table, these natural elements can be beautifully paired with older decorations, a way to re-cycle what you have.

If none of those suggestions grab your attention, sell what you don’t need and buy new décor items but remember for every item you buy, you have to have sold one!

Black candle pose with model
Minimalist Christmas decoration
Minimalist Christmas decoration

Christmas food ideas: A feast… for the soul.
There is a lot of pressure on the host to prepare the perfect holiday meal, right? Well not really, Christmas is about being with family and caring for one another so this year why not have a bring and share? This takes the stress of the host and brings everyone together in the planning process. Is it necessary to have chicken, turkey, fish, gammon and lamb? Prepare one, if you have to have meat at all, along with fewer side dishes and enjoy just that. Remember Minimalism is intentionality. Is it your intention to over cater?

Minimalist Christmas Mr price food platter with canapes
Minimalist Christmas Food
Minimalist Christmas decoration

Wishing you all a merry holiday season.

Lovilee credits
Photography: Studio Melissa Louise
Model: Kayleigh Schuitema
Crockery, glass ware and décor: MRP Home
Marble placemat: Poco

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More about Studio Melissa Louise

Studio Melissa Louise is a creative design firm based in Cape Town, South Africa, founded in 2012 by Melissa Lawrence, Interior design and creative enthusiast.

Our interiors are inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a respect for materials, combined with natural textures and traditional craftsmanship.

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