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Oreo truffle recipe with just 2 ingredients!

This Oreo truffle recipe is literally one of the easiest recipes that I have ever shared! It is literally a recipe with just two ingredients and an optional third. How easy can a recipe get?!

Oreos are world recognizable biscuits that you twist – lick – dunk. Using these iconic biscuits and one other ingredient you can make these delectable truffles that melt in your mouth. Make them ahead of time and have a go-to scrumptious biscuit to treat your loved ones with. They come in an array of different taste variations these days so you can get really creative with them.

Oreo truffle recipe by Lauren Kim Food

Oreo truffle recipe


  • Two standard size packets of Oreos
  • 2/3 Cup of Smooth Cream Cheese
  • White Chocolate (optional)


  1. Place your Oreos in a blender and blitz the biscuits till you have a fine crumb.
  2. Mix the Oreo crumbs into the cream cheese and mix very well.
  3. Roll into balls and store in the freezer.
  4. You can coat the balls in melted white chocolate if you wish.
  5. Store in a covered container in the fridge before your spoil your guests with them.

Is this not just the easiest recipe ever?!

Oreo truffle recipe
Oreo truffle recipe
Oreo truffle recipe
Oreo truffle recipe

All images by Lauren Kim Food Photography.

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