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Origami paper fox folding instructions

Today I get to share an origami paper fox tutorial as part of the October Creative Challenge. This is not the first time that Origami paper folding is part of this challenge but it is an art form that can easily be done by anyone and you can choose the level of difficulty that you prefer. I have shated a quick and easy origami paper heart tutorial before that you could also try.

Origami paper fox family

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to create a masterpiece. The thinner your paper is, the easier it will be to fold. I do not recommend using cardboard as it will become near impossible to fold later on in the sequence.

You can use a rigid piece of plastic or a bone folder to assist you creating neat folds easily. This origami fox is super cute and really easy to fold. You can make these as large or as small as you wish, just a warning – the smaller they are the harder they are to fold.

How to fold an origami paper fox

  1. Cut your piece of paper into a square.
  2. Fold the paper in half – point to point.
  3. Open the piece of paper and fold the other point to point in half.
  4. Keep it folded.
  5. Place the long side of the triangle closest to you with the point facing away. Fold the two corners into the center.
  6. Turn the piece of paper over.
  7. Fold the square in half to create a triangle.
  8. With the long side of the triangle facing towards you fold the right-hand side at an angle upwards.
  9. There are three pieces, fold the centrepiece down to create the face of the fox. The other two pieces become the ears.
  10. Fold the left-hand side inwards to create the tale and allowing it to stand.
  11. Draw a face on your fox.

Origami paper fox folding instructions

I love using the small origami paper foxes on a small gift tag to create a 3D artwork.

Origami paper fox gift tag

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Images and text by Lauren Kim Photography.

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