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Join the 2020 Creative Challenge + Month 3 = Origami / Paper Flowers

This month’s challenge is one that almost every single person in our Creative Challenge group should be able to do. From folding a paper plane to an origami crane, there are endless possibilities! Whether you decide to use one page to fold or to upcycle a book, the choice is yours.

I thought I’d share some inspiration of previous projects that I was involved in that made use of paper to get those creative juices flowing. Whilst I am by no means an expert in paper folding I managed to do some great projects using old books for Waardevol, a program on KyKNET on DSTV. Thank you to photographer, Tracey Kelsey who took the images.

Month 3 Creative Challenge 2020 - Paper flowers / origami / Paper art
Paper filter art using old books as cupcake stands

These ‘filter’ like wheels are easy to create. Using an old book without its cover, fold each page in half towards the binding of the book. Continue in this manner until all the pages are folded and it will automatically look like the ones in the images. Smaller books make for great cupcake stands.

Paper filter art using old books as cupcake stands

I also used some pages of an old book and stuck them to the wall with cellotape as a photobackdrop. You can decorate this wall with either fresh flowers or vinyl stickers.

Wall art using old books
Wall art using old books

Some creative ideas with paper

This challenge also reminded me of some DIY paper hydrangeas that I made from a tutorial over on YouTube, captured by Lauren Kim Photography.

DIY paper Hydrangea
DIY paper Hydrangea

I also made these DIY pine cones using plastic Easter eggs and cut circles that I glued to the eggs with a glue gun.

DIY pine cones

Also have a look at this pretty elephant party that we featured way back that had elephant origami elements. Party by Match Set Love, images by Carike Ridout Photography.

Creative Challenge 2020

There are 12 ‘projects’ outlined for this year, you might be familiar with some, all or none… You do not have to be an expert or even intermediate to try your hand at these, just try something new and who knows, you might have a talent you were not aware of. You can start at any time with any project and please do share!

Here’s how you can get involved in the 2020 Creative Challenge

  1. Join the official Creative Challenge Facebook Group
    Ask questions about technique, share your struggles and show off your progress
  2. Collaborate in the Creative Challenge Pinterest Board
  3. Snap and share photos of your favourite projects, tips and tutorials on the Facebook Group / Instagram using the #lovileeCreativeChallenge hashtag, so that we can all follow your journeys.

Paper filter art using old books as cupcake stands

Are you up for the challenge? Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer for you. I look forward to connecting with you, fellow creatives!

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  1. Oooo… such a nice challenge, I spotted some origami bunnies on Pinterest that I want to try ..

    • Kari

      I stumbled across huuuuge ones that I also want to give a try! Let’s do this!

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