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Painting with the new Dulux EasyCare™ – the ultimate matt washable paint!

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Ever tried painting your house interior with a matt paint just to find it staining and ageing in a very short time, especially if you have kids and pets around? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a matt paint that stays the way you painted it? That is exactly what Dulux had in mind when they developed their new EasyCare paint – the ultimate washable matt paint with StainResist technology.

This new and innovative matt interior paint that repels typical household liquid spills such as wine, juice, soft drinks, coffee and mud, ensuring your homes look better for longer. The product is 20 times tougher than conventional interior matt paint allowing easier removal of stains with a simple wipe – making it a perfect fit for living, dining and kids rooms, hallways as well as multifunctional spaces.

Painting with the new Dulux EasyCare™ - the ultimate matt washable paint!

I decided to make use of this fabulous new paint under our kitchen counter as we tend to kick this wall the whole time. To make it a feature I used the same color paint but in two paint applications. The new Dulux EasyCare™ matt paint on the wall and for the skirting a water-based enamel from Dulux.

I did not stop there – I decided to re-paint the pantry and added some spots and also used the water-based enamel on my pantry door (this door also leads to the garage – so if you forget to say goodbye, I now have that covered)

Painting with the new Dulux EasyCare™ - the ultimate matt washable paint!
Before and after pantry door with Dulux

The technical details of Dulux EasyCare™

This new range of Dulux Paint comes in 5 standard colors and a selection of tinted colors from the Dulux Colour System (My favorite being the Unicorn white and Carolina strand colors). They are off-course also available in the new 30ml roller testers. It is a water-based paint making it easy to clean your brushes and rollers, it is also a low odour paint. The paint is touch dry in an hour and you need to re-coat in 4 hours, 1 litre of paint will give you a surface painted area of around 10m2.

It comes in packs of 1L, 5L and 20L. EasyCare is low odour and comes with a 15 year guarantee.

How to decide on your color wall(s)?

1. The Dulux Visualizer App
O my goodness, whilst writing this article I thought that I would download the Dulux visualizer App, and… I could not stop playing with the colors. You literally choose a paint color, take a photo or video of your room and then click on the wall to paint. I went nuts.

Choosing the right Dulux Grey

2. The new roller testers
These mini testers are the perfect way to test which colors would be the perfect shade in a no hassle, no mess way. At the launch of HGTV we got to play with these testers and it was an enormous amount of fun. The plastic is also recyclable, but make sure you paint out all the paint before throwing the roller into your recycling. The Roller testers are available in 14 standard and 10 tinted colors from most Dulux resellers, including Makro and Builders Warehouse. (And don’t tell anyone – but they are perfect for small DIY’s too!)

Dulux new roller testers

Paint Swatch Projects

I would not advise going out to grab paint swatches to do DIY projects with as it costs the paint manufacturers monies in the end, but should you have left overs from projects here are two great ideas:

A perpetual calendar and artwork from paint swatches

1. A perpetual paint swatch calendar
We shared this reusable DIY calendar before, so I had some swatches to re-create one of my own. It is also a nifty trick to use some swatches from all the colors in your home in one calendar. Which is a great reference should you want to share this paint colors with others or just remember what you had used somewhere.

A perpetual calendar and artwork from paint swatches

2. Pixel wall art
I found a great DIY on how to make a pixel heart using just one paint swatch, so was able to make a heart from one of the Dulux paint swatches. This is such a nice art piece.

A perpetual calendar and artwork from paint swatches

Some really interesting info on Dulux

Dulux was first introduced in 1931 in the UK. Dulux is an internationally available brand of architectural paint and is produced by AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel Paints is the world’s biggest coatings manufacturer and number one in decorative paints and performance coatings. Voted “Most Loved Paint Brand in South Africa” for three consecutive years in the TGI ICON Brands Survey*, Dulux is at the forefront of decorating and protecting the spaces we live and work in. (*TGI South Africa, independent research survey results for 2011, 2012 and 2013)

Painting with the new Dulux EasyCare™ - the ultimate matt washable paint!

Thank you to friendy Melanie Wessels Photography who took the lovilee images of the finished result.

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  1. This paint is a must have. I’ve used it in a few projects and as the saying goes ” Dulux Stands the test of time “.

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