The Pretty & Secure features of Security Shutters

This post is a trade exchange with Taylor Blinds & Shutters – A proudly South African supplier of blinds, shutters and other window treatments for over 60 years.

There is nothing quite as irritating to me as trying to take a photo on my patio and having a, not so pretty, burglar bar of sorts in my photos. Safety should always come first but can surely be stylish too? Very little window dressing options come close to the aesthetics of a shutter. When you combine security with a stylish shutter, you get a pretty and secure Taylor Shutterguard® Aluminium Security Shutter.

The Pretty & Secure features of Security Shutters Taylor Blinds & Shutters - White Shutterguard Security Shutters

How do security shutters differ from ordinary shutters?

Security Shutters looks after your home like a good-looking security guard. A shutter with the beautiful aesthetics of a traditional timber shutter, but added security usually enforced by Burglar bars – a pretty 2 in 1 option. While there are a few options of security shutters available locally, Shutterguard® Aluminium Security Shutters is well known to be one of the best options.

At first, I found all the technical aspects challenging to understand. When the Johannesburg Taylor consultant came out and brought a sample with of the security shutters, all made sense – What sets the Shutterguard Security Shutters apart from competitors is that you do not have to remember to lock the louvers at night or when away. You have the same quality security, whether the louvers are open or not. The patented two-way locking system is just one of the features making these shutters virtually impenetrable. The shutters also come with a 10-year warranty and are available in 5 standard colours with the options for customizable colours.

Taylor Blinds & Shutters - White Shutterguard Security Shutters

About Taylor Blinds & Shutters

The Taylor Blinds & Shutters story began in 1959 in Cape Town. Jimmy Taylor started the family business conducting Venetian Blind repairs. The company is a member of the Trellidor Group who has been at the forefront of security innovations for years. With over 60 years’ experience, Taylor Blinds and Shutters has an array of made-to-measure Blind, Shutter, and Screen solutions for your window or door covering needs. The Taylor Consultants I interacted with were knowledgeable and could provide me with great advice and possible solutions for various windows in my home.

So, you may ask where am I going to make use of one of these pretty functional Security Shutters? After having both a virtual consultation during lockdown with Taylor and an in-person consult recently I decided on something truly unique and special. The after will be revealed in a later post, but I have to show you the before so long. I will be adding on of these shutters, a three-panel one in one of our bathrooms, and part of it overlaps into the shower! Yup, these shutters are rust-proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors, so gone will be this old looking window and in will be a timeless and secure ShutterGuard® Security Shutter installed by Taylor Blinds!

Reasons that security shutters in any bathroom just make sense

  1. Privacy Control – with the mere flick of a finger you can instantaneously open, half-open, close or half close your shutters for total privacy. The louvres can also be locked into place.
  2. Light and Temperature control – By opening and closing the louvres you are able to keep heat in or allow cold in.
  3. Fits with and compliments any design style – Shutters are truly a classic and timeless design that can perfectly fit into any style, I have never seen a shutter that does not look stylishly beautiful.
  4. Added Security and Peace of Mind – With Taylor’s Shutterguard® Aluminium Security Shutters a 60mm patented bolt secures the shutters to the floor or windowsill and a 30mm bolt secures the shutters into the top windowsill or window recess, leaving no leverage to lift the lock out of the track.
  5. Financial Value Add – A shutter is considered a fixture in a home and with the added security benefit it could easily add value to your home.
  6. Quick and easy to clean and keep clean – Simply wipe the shutters using a soft-bristled cleaning brush with natural cleaning agents every few months or when needed.
  7. Suitable for both in- and outdoor applications – This is one of my favorite features of making use of the Security Shutters in a bathroom. They do not rust or warp and is perfect for use in a high steam or damp environment making it a much better solution than curtains or blinds.
  8. Colour co-ordinated hinges and knobs – A seamless one colour look, with the only element not colour co-ordinated being the lock itself.
  9. 10 year warranty – A big purchase like this, is always made easier knowing that there is an excellent warranty, and when it comes to security this warranty adds to peace of mind.
  10. Alignment of panels to match your window or door’s panels – If you have windows that are divided into frames, the shutters panels are designed by Taylor to match up perfectly with the pre-existing frames.
  11. After-sales service – This is definitely my favorite win. If ANYTHING goes wrong with the shutters or you lose your key for example – just let the Taylor team know and they will come out to fix the problem.
  12. One Key Solution – There is only one key for all the shutters meaning you don’t need to keep 20 various keys on hand – plus know which locks they go into.

Taylor Blinds & Shutters - White Shutterguard Security Shutters

So, with the consultation and measurements done, here with a before image of the bathroom space – I honestly cannot wait for the end-result myself and possibly get the not so pretty burglar bar removed on the outer wall as well! The process from ordering to installation with Taylor Blinds & Shutters are around 3 weeks, so I will be counting down the days with excitement!

Before images of bathroom window before Shutterguard Security shutter installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters
Before images of bathroom window before Shutterguard Security shutter installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters
Before images of bathroom window before Shutterguard Security shutter installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

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  1. LOVE these shutters, so beautiful and so secure. We have the charcoal ones on our balcony and love that we can shut everything up and it still looks good! x

    • Kari

      Aaa, I wish we had an outdoor space that we could have used them on, they are simply stylish! I have opted for a white one, but contemplating paiting the walls (untiled section) a charcoal to contrast.

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