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Are you ready to Celebrate a Thrifty 50th birthday with Game?!

This post is sponsored by Game – Africa’s largest discount retailer celebrating their 50th Birthday this year with plenty of deals and special offers.

Whoop Whoop! It is time for a Celebration and who does not love a good Birthday and save money celebrating? Game, one of the most loved retail stores in South Africa, is celebrating their big 50th Birthday. This year it is all about you being able to save more, enabling you to share more. They are encouraging their loyal shoppers to be as thrifty and spending savvy with their purchases in 2020 as they were in 1970 when they opened their first store in Durban, South Africa.

Per definition, the word ‘Thrifty’ is described as using your financial and other resources carefully and not wastefully, making conscientious decisions when you shop. In addition to Game sharing plenty of tips on how you can be thrifty with your spending, there are loads of special offers for customers that started on 24 June 2020!

Game Thrifty Fifty Birthday Sale
Game Thrifty Fifty Birthday Sale

Whether you decide to shop safely at your Local Game Store or online from the comfort of your home, you can be a part of the celebrations. Game is giving back to their loyal shoppers with exciting interactive activities and by rewarding some consumers spending over R250 with R1-million in vouchers! There will be plenty of deals, discounts, and in-store promotions in the coming weeks, they even have an exciting trolley dash planned! (See how to enter lower down).

I really enjoyed the infogram of how shopping at Game has evolved over the past 50 years.

Game Shopping 1670 vs 2020 Infogram

I popped into my local Game store at Cresta Shopping Center and literally walked out with a trolley full of savings, from fresh produce to non-perishables to cookware to some other much-needed items. I even purchased the cutest Anna doll for the princess’ Frozen themed party I am planning in November. (Yup, I am that person, start my planning way in advance but that helps me save a few bucks in the long run!)

Game Thrifty Fifty Birthday Sale

My top 10 thrifty tips for the Kitchen that will allow you to save money in the long run

  1. Start a Shopping list and keep it on the fridge or somewhere visible and add items as required. The Golden rule – if it isn’t on the list – don’t buy it!
  2. Work out a Meal Plan and shopping list for the ingredients needed to prepare your meals. Try to include in-season fresh produce, generally better priced than out of season items.
  3. Cook and buy in bulk – Stocking up on non-perishable items if you spot a great deal is a winner!
  4. Switch from disposable bags and bottles and buy Game’s reusable, reasonably placed food containers, perfect for storing and freezing left-overs.
  5. Invest in quality items, whether cookware or appliances. And if appliances, make sure they are energy-efficient, saving you money in the long haul.

Game Thrifty Fifty Birthday Sale

Hip Hip Hooray!

To enter for the trolley dash, fill in the fun, ThriftyFifty Personality quiz. You will be able to find out just how thrifty your personality is by completing some questions on your next birthday bash. I could not resist, so I completed my birthday bash questionnaire with my result – You are fabulous and thrifty. You know how to save by avoiding unnecessary spending and re-using items at home. Your ice-cream container is not vanilla or chocolate but rather Chicken Tikka Masala. Being thrifty has never tasted so good!

What is your thrifty Game plan? Save where you can, even if it means swapping out your current lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs AND Shop the sale – The Game Sale!

Game Thrifty Fifty Birthday Sale

PS: Game has a price beat promise since it opened its doors in 1970, if you can find exactly the same item for less, they will not only beat the price but will also drop it further by 10% on the difference. A win-win situation!

Follow the Birthday celebrations along on social #BdayGotGame #ThriftyFifty and view the Game ThriftyFifty Birthday specials online.

Images by Hello Love Photography.

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