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How to make a Scrunchie – the easy way

Let’s celebrate the 80’s and 90’s with this DIY – sharing the easiest way how to make a Scrunchie! Who else remembers these pretties? I had a whole collection of scrunchies in an array of colors, all hand-sewn by my mom. She was so good with this that she was commissioned by our primary school to make these scrunchies in our school colors for kids to purchase.

I still remember the exact steps on how to make scrunchies as my sister and I were responsible for adding the elastics to the scrunchies. We made loads and loads… They are relatively inexpensive to make so you can make one to match each of your outfits or give them as gifts. A scrunchie is a pretty hair accessory and also great to use on hair and does not cause hair breakage.

What you will need to make a fabric hair scrunchie?

  • A piece of fabric in your favorite color or pattern (Avoid materials like silk if you are a beginner at sewing)
  • 4 or 5 cord Elastic
  • Clothes pins
  • A sewing machine (you can also do it by hand instead)
  • A sharp pair of material scissors
  • Thread in a color that matches your fabric
  • A large safety pin
  • A clothes iron and ironing board

What you will need to make a scrunchie

Step by step instructions with images on how to make a hair Scrunchie

  1. Make sure that your fabric is crease-free before you cut a piece of fabric 45cm in length and 8cm wide and cut a piece of elastic 15cm in length.
  2. Make your own scrunchies

  3. Iron in a fold in the fabric by folding the fabric in half length ways with the right side of the fabric facing each other.
  4. The easiest way to make a hair schrunchie

  5. Sew the long ends of the scrunchie together using your sewing machine.
  6. Turn the fabric scrunchie right side out.
  7. The easiest way to make a hair schrunchie

  8. Using a safety pin, keep the one end of the elastic in your hand and thread the end with the safety pin through the scrunchie.

  9. Sew the ends of the elastic together.
  10. Place the one end of the fabric inside the other at the opening and then sew them together.

  11. The easiest way to make a hair schrunchie

      Now it is time to style!

      The easiest way to make a hair schrunchie

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      Thank you to Melanie Wessels Photography for these pretty images!

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  1. Oh my – what a throw-back memory – I made lots and lots of these for me and my sister… and to sell at school markets… thank you for your tutorial!

  2. Lynette Lourens

    Well done! Great scrunchies for you little princess and nieces. It’s great

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