Has the world gone marble?

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In a previous article WOMAG shared some advice choosing between Granite and Quartz, but what is Marble and why is it one of the biggest trends at the moment? I walked into a large stationary store last week and saw that they had a whole selection of marble inspired stationary items, some decor shops even have a marble printed pillowcases in store!

What is marble?
Marble, just like granite is also a natural stone, they do however differ somewhat in their degree of hardness and aesthetics. Whilst granite is super hard and scratch resistant, marble is slightly softer and required a sealer being applied to avoid possible stains. The look of marble vs. granite is quite different, I see granite as more ‘grainy’ looking whereas marble tends to have more flowy lines (granular veins). Important to note is that it is virtually impossible to find white or very light granite options whereas you can find very light marble options. The difference is that it is taken from a different layer in the earth.


Why the world has gone marble?
Using marble in a home creates timeless elegance, whether it is used as back-splash, counter tops, floors, walls, on kitchen islands or even smaller items like side tables, it will create a statement. Most marble come in either white or black with grey or white freckles and lines which appeals to the modern monochrome home or to the people who prefer light and white spaces.

WOMAG has an incredible selection of marble to choose from in many sizes, from tiles to large slabs, each one an individual work of art from nature. The marbles are imported from all over the world and are each unique, thus making it important that you choose the specific slab you’d like to use from one of their showrooms.

WOMAG Monet marble slab

Digital ink-jet 3D technology
WOMAG has introduced a brand new technology revolutionising the production of porcelain tiles: digital ink-jet 3D technology. This state-of-the-art printing process makes it possible to imprint digital images of marble, stone, wood, cement and many other patterns (even newspaper!) onto the surfaces of porcelain tiles. To accompany the launch, WOMAG has unveiled three new porcelain tiles, using this technology. (Even experts will find it difficult to tell the difference between these tiles and the real thing!)

Canal Grande: This 400x800mm matte white tile imitates the famous Carrara marble with its subtle dark and light grey veining, offering strength and durability for daily living – and retails for R499 per m² ex VAT.


Bolonia Marengo: This 600x600x10mm tile is available with the choice of a matte or polished finish. It is suitable for all indoor applications. With a matt finish, they retail for R399 per m² ex VAT, and polished, for R449 per m² ex VAT.

Bolonia Marengo lifestyle 1

Luni Blanco: The polished finish of these 750x750x11mm porcelain tiles is suitable for all indoor applications. The tile retails at R495 per m² ex VAT.


The company is one of SA’s most highly regarded suppliers of natural stone, engineered quartz surfaces, designer sanitary-ware and then tiles. WOMAG was the first company in South Africa to introduce engineered quartz surfaces with Ceasar Stone and they are also a member of the Green Building Association of South Africa. The WOMAG factory is equipped with the best machinery available, enabling them to craft the finest stone into perfect tiles, customized countertops and bespoke crafted pieces.

Where you can get your hands on the products
WOMAG has three showrooms in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg, the Pretoria showroom will be opened in September 2016 (see the addresses here). Should you want to get hold of them in other regions I have provided their contact details below or you can complete the contact form on their website.

For more information or to get in contact
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Tel: 086-11-WOMAG (96624)

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