A Beautiful Bathroom Reveal Complete with Security Shutters

This post is a trade exchange with Taylor Blinds & Shutters – A proudly South African supplier of blinds, shutters and other window treatments for over 60 years.

So excited that I can today share my Beautiful Bathroom Reveal Complete with new Security Shutters from Taylor. Aluminium shutters that are rust-proof (suitable for both indoors and outdoors as well as showers or high steam environments) and totally secure, for added peace of mind.

Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

The Consultation process from start to finish

I believe I literally experienced all of the consultation options the Taylor team has available. During the start of the lockdown, I had a virtual consultation via Whatsapp with one of the consultants on possible window treatment options best suited for my home. When Level 3 of the lockdown was announced, a member of the Taylor team was able to visit and we had a walk-thru to discuss the finer details. Final measurements were done and the manufacturing process commenced.

Throughout the process, I was kept up to date of the manufacturing and given feedback on the estimated installation date. The sales team phoned to arrange a suitable installation date and time with me and it was well, basically seamless from start to finish.

Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters
Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

The Installation of the Security Shutters

The installation process is probably the part that most of us are excited about but also dread at the same time. I was concerned about drilling into the tiles, how the team was going to deal with the gap above the right of the shutters to allow uniformity of the shutters and the possible mess associated with installations. The Taylor installation team could not have been more professional or competent, they patiently and carefully drilled into our tiles, with no breaks or chips, one member vacuuming the dust whilst the other one drilling to ensure no mess. Then, in no time the shutters were installed, aligned and the gap above the right of the shutters perfectly sealed. No mess, no fuss, just a beautiful, fully functional new shutter.

The team took the time to show me how to open and close the shutter and explained the maintenance/cleaning of the shutters. All in less than an hour.

Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

The actual ShutterGuard® Security Shutter quality and promise

One really neat characteristic of the Taylor Shutterguard® Aluminium Security Shutters are that they can be designed to perfectly match your existing window or door’s panels. In other words, if you have windows that are divided into frames, the shutter panels are designed by Taylor to match up perfectly with the pre-existing frames. So I have three shutter panels to match and line up with my existing windows three panels. Team Taylor was also able to come up with a plan that you open the right shutter first and slide the left two to the right as the shower frame does not allow the shutters to open any other way.

Whilst normally the ShutterGuard® Security Shutters come with a one-for-all key to lock them, this mechanism had to be modified slightly as the height of my shutter interfered with the mechanism. The manufacturing team replaced the lock with a push and lift lock to ensure that my shutters still provide adequate safety for our home. Find out more about Taylor’s range of Security Shutters and how they can possibly add value to your home.

Even though these shutters require minimal maintenance and cleaning – something that gives me total peace of mind is that if ANYTHING goes wrong with the shutters, I can simply let the Taylor team know and they will come out to fix the problem.

Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters
Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters
Beautiful security shutter bathroom installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

Final thoughts

Even though the shutters do darken the space a tiny bit, they add a beautiful aesthetic and a touch of luxury to this bathroom space. I would choose a shutter 100x over, we are able to leave the actual windows open all the time, something that we normally had to open and shut all the time and simply adjust the louvres of the shutters to keep in the cold or let out the steam. We were actually amazed at how these shutters insulate the room as well. And one day (hopefully in the near future) we can also let go of the burglar bars on the outside of the window and just have the pretty shutters to look at. Would I make use of the Team at Taylor Blinds & Shutters again? Indeed, they were competent, patient and knowledgeable on all aspects.

Why not get in contact with the Team at Taylor Blinds & Shutters and find out how they can assist, they do not only supply Security shutters but a much bigger range of window treatments.

Bathroom reveal

Images by Hello Love Photography | Print from Frei Design

Here with a before image of the window:

Before images of bathroom window before Shutterguard Security shutter installation by Taylor Blinds & Shutters

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