FREE Printable Cookie Monster treat sleeves in 3 designs

With our holiday recently drawing to a close I couldn’t help but wish for a moment that I could be a kid again. The days seemed to go on forever and everything – holidays included – lasted just a little longer. And it’s exactly these sentiments that inspired this fun and totally FREE Printable Cookie Monster treat sleeves. These sleeves are simple to make and will brighten any child’s day. Not only are they great as a lunchbox surprise, but they’ll make great party favors as well.

Download all three monster sleeves here.

FREE Printable Cookie Monster treat sleeves via Lovilee

What you will need to make these Cookie Monster Treat bags

  • Your favorite monster printed out on paper. I used 210 gms and wouldn’t suggest going much thicker so that the cutting part is a little easier. These printables are A4 size so you can easily print them from home if you have a color printer.
  • CD Storage Envelopes. Specifically the ones with the round see-through windows on the front.
  • An art knife. A small scissor will also work.
  • Ruler.
  • Glue stick.
  • Some healthy (or unhealthy) snacks like biltong, dried fruit, biscuits, jellybeans etc.

Once you’ve gathered all the materials you can

  1. Cut around the square edges of the monster & also cut out the black mouth part using your art knife. The treats will show through the hole & will take a little patience and a steady hand. Be careful not to cut through the teeth. Also cut around the edges of the circle tag on the same page.
  2. And the hard work is done! Grab an empty CD envelope & using your glue stick, paste the monster face onto the front of the envelope.
  3. Fill it with treats & use the round tag to seal it. Use as a lunchbox surprise or as a party favor – these are sure to put a huge smile on any child’s face!

FREE Printable Cookie Monster treat sleeves via Lovilee
FREE Printable Cookie Monster treat sleeves via Lovilee

Images and printables by Lieflingkind Design. You can also fill these with these Marie Biscuit squares.

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