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How to choose the best Duvet & Toddler room reveal

This post is sponsored by Lifson Products
– a proudly South African manufacturer of European standard down and feather duvets and pillows as well as down alternative duvets and pillows.

A few weeks ago I shared my Winter Bedroom Hygge refresh with you featuring the Lifson Products 100% Linen Duvet Cover set in white and the European quality Goose Down & Feather pillow.

Lifson Products gifted me with a three quarter Royal Comfort Goose Down & Feather duvet inner for the princess’ room to keep her warm and snuggly and perfectly comfy at night. It has really made her bed look more cosy because of the puffiness of the duvet but that is not all this down and feather duvet is for – there are many other properties that make it desirable and must-have item to any bedroom. When I started this post I realised that I haven’t even shared the full revamp of her room where she transitioned from a baby room to a toddler room, so thought this would be perfect to share.

Lifson Products European quality Goose Down & Feather pillow

With soooo many options out there when it comes to duvets I thought that it was time to call in the experts to give advice on ‘How to choose the best Duvet for your needs’.

Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal

What makes a Down & Feather Duvet different from a Fine Fibre Duvet?

Down & Feather duvets Down is the ultimate natural duvet filling. It is soft and light; keeps you warm in winter and won’t make you “hot” in summer because it regulates your body temperature beautifully. Geese and ducks have both down and feather. Down is the fluffy clusters on the chest area of the bird and is there to regulate the birds temperature. Feathers are there for flight and are not used by the bird for warmth or temperature regulation. A combination of the two makes for a less expensive option, but while still a good option it can be heavier than a genuine down duvet.

The more down there is in a duvet the softer, lighter and warmer it will be, making for a more luxurious sleep experience. Down also has a long lifespan, so a product with a high down content is an excellent investment. It is recommended that you purchase the duvet with the highest down content that you can afford for your budget.

Fine Fibre duvets are exclusive to Lifson Products and are engineered to mimic many qualities of a down duvet such as – warmth without weight and moulding to your body for warmth. These duvets are often more economically priced and some customers prefer them to down duvets for personal reasons. A favourite of the hospitality industry, these are perfect for your home too. (Note: all the Genuine Hungarian Goose Down used in their products are sustainably sourced and traceable back to the farms they came from.)

Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet
Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet
Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet

Which is better? Goose Down or Duck Down?

Goose down is often recommended over duck down because goose down is more rare and has a longer lifespan than duck down. Geese also produce better quality down because they are larger birds. So while Goose Down is more expensive than Duck Down, it is a better investment. The better the quality, the longer it will last.

Why you should choose Hungarian Goose Down

Genuine Hungarian Goose Down is typically excellent quality, so if you are all about luxury that lasts this option is for you. The goose down is imported from Hungary, known for its extreme cold climate where the geese grow large down clusters to insulate themselves from the cold. Hungarian Goose Down is known for its good insulating properties, high filling power and has a long lifespan.

Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet

What is tog and why does it matter?

The tog rating of a duvet tells you how warm the duvet is. In warmer climates or seasons you would generally require a lower tog rating. The tog rating scale starts at 1.5 tog for a cool duvet and goes up to 15 tog.

  • Summer duvets: 2.5 to 6 tog is ideal for the summer months.
  • Spring and autumn duvets: 7 to 10.5 tog will keep you warm.
  • Winter duvets – 12 to 15 tog duvets are ideal for South African winters.
  • All season duvets: These sometimes come in a 2 duvet option, e.g. a 4 tog and a 10 tog that you can clip together to create a 14 tog for winter. It is generally a more cost effective option as buying the two duvets together will be cheaper than buying them separately.

Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet

How do I clean my duvet?

All of the washing and cleaning instructions are attached with a label to the Lifson Products Duvet or Pillow that you purchase for easy reference. I love this as I have a way of losing the instructions.

How often should I replace my duvet?

It depends on how you’ve used your down duvet and cared for it. Lifson Products recently had a customer say they’re only replacing it now – after 14 years. For the signature product – the Premium Hungarian Goose Down with 90% down and 10% small feather – eight to 10 years is the recommendation.

Lifson Products Royal Comfort Duvet

What makes Lifson Products’ Down & Feather Duvets different?

When you buy bedding from Lifson Products you are buying more than “Any old duvet or pillow”. All of the duvets come with a two-year guarantee and is made right here in South Africa using sustainably sourced raw materials that are fully traceable and sterilised, washed and dedusted to the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA) standards. The duvets are anti-allergenic and safe for house dust mite allergy suffers. All of their products are machine washable and made with a 100% cotton downproof casing.

The duvets are quilted in squares to prevent filling shift and allows for an equal heat distribution all over the bed.

Lifson Products was established in 1994 by Eric Lifson. Eric apprenticed in the art of down and feather processing and bedding manufacturing in Germany, France and the USA. He dreamt of building a business that made premium duvets and pillows and offered customers exceptional quality, service and value.

More than 2 decades later, the company is run by Nicole Lifson, Eric’s daughter – who remains true to its founding philosophy. When you purchase items from Lifson Products you support a local business and help local employees make a living.

How to Choose the right Duvet inner for you?

  1. Measure/check your bedding sizes to determine the right size for your bed (Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King or Super King).
  2. Read the article above to help you decide on what kind of duvet would suit you and your family best.
  3. Decide how warm you would like the duvet to be and look at the tog value and comfort rating on the website.
  4. Invest in a quality Lifson Products duvet.

To find out more about Lifson Products or to purchase any of their products you can visit the Lifson Products Online Shop. If you are in the Cape Town area, they have a Factory Outlet (Lifson Linen), situated in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal
Toddler Girl bedroom reveal

Some of the other items in the room include

Thank you for the beautiful images of the room by Melanie Wessels Photography.

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