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OMW! A Purple Ombre dyed towels DIY ?

This DIY Purple Ombre dyed towels tutorial literally brought my old towels back to life! I love white things – white linen, white shirts and white towels. However the practicality of having white stay white forever is a little harder than you think. In my house our towels get very grubby and try as I may I cannot get them to be snow white again. These ombre towels are still in good nick and have a long life ahead of them, so I decided to dye them to bring them back to life.

What is Ombre?

Having colors or tones that shade into each other — used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark (source). The ombré trend has fast made headway locally and can been seen in hairstyles, weddings, parties and homes. And today you can bring them in your home with this Ombre DIY.

Ombre dyed towels

All you need is for this ombre dyed towel tutorial is

  • Fabric dye (You can buy the clothes dye from most craft shops, fabric stores, pharmacies or dry cleaners)
  • White or light colored towels
  • A little bit of patience
  • A bucket or basin (make sure that you don’t care if they possibly get stained in the dip dye process)

How to dip dye towels

  1. Wash your towels, even if they are new towels.
  2. Prepare your fabric dye according to the instructions on the dye packaging.
  3. Whilst the towels are still wet, dip 1/5 of he towel into the fabric dye and leave for 5 minutes to soak up the color.
  4. After 5 minutes lower another 1/5 of the towel into the dye (therefore 2/5 of the towel will be in the dye)
  5. Repeat this dip dye process until 4/5 of the towel is in the dye (leave the last 1/5 undyed)
  6. Leave for 5 more minutes.
  7. Remove from the dye mix and rinse.
  8. Dry in the shade and then wash on a gentle cold cycle.
  9. TADAH ombre towels!

    DIY Ombre dyed towels

    Handy tip: remember the longer you leave your towels to soak the darker the colour will be. You can off-course also follow the same tutorial to make your own ombre hand dyed fabric that you can use for table cloths and other purposes.

    You might also like to follow this copper towel hook tutorial that you can use for your bathroom to hang your new towels on!

    All of the images as well as the DIY tutorial by Lauren Kim Photography.

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