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Heart DIY wrapping paper with a toilet roll stamping

If wrapping presents is your thing, then you will love this DIY wrapping paper tutorial. Spruce up some plain boring paper with a little paint and old toilet roll inner. Remember to wear old clothes and cover your work area in newspaper. This easy DIY is perfect for kids crafts as well and makes for the perfect gift wrapping idea for Mothers Day.

DIY Wrapping Paper with toilet paper heart stamping

How to start the DIY wrapping paper?

Take the cardboard roll inner and bend the one side in and the one side out to create a heart shape. Add an elastic band around the cardboard roll (now in a heart shape) to maintain the shape.

Toilet roll stamping DIY wrapping paper

On a side plate mix some Acrylic paint together to form a large surface area on the plate (make sure the paint is quite thin.) Dab the cardboard heart/roll into the paint (the more paint the better.)

Toilet roll stamping DIY wrapping paper
Toilet roll stamping DIY wrapping paper

Stamp the heart onto the paper and lift up slowly. Repeat the process until you have covered the paper with heart patterns. Let dry fully before using it. Wrap your gift in your customized paper.

DIY Wrapping Paper with toilet paper heart stamping

Now all you have to do it to download and print a mothers day card that you can find here.

Enjoy Mothers day on Sunday lovilees!

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