The Kids will love these Hairy Easter Eggs!

We have featured Chocolate mousse filled Easter eggs before, but Hairy Easter eggs – never! Kandi Fivaz from Life Style Photography & Design submitted this totally totally cute post. Kandi came up with these hairy Easter eggs whilst thinking of a new Easter decorating ideas, something that’s fun and all-round edible.

Just looking at these eggs made me forget my ‘eating better’ resolutions.

The Kids will love these Hairy Easter Eggs!

What you will need?
Most of the ingredients available from you local supermarket

Hairy Easter Eggs

  • White coated chocolate eggs
  • Candy floss
  • Icing sugar (mixed with a little bit of water)
  • Edible pens (Nicolette)
  • Nests made from pillow stuffing (Chamdor Faktry Sales)

Hairy Easter Eggs
Hairy Easter Eggs

How to make these Hairy Easter Eggs

  1. Using an edible pen, draw the eyes on the eggs.
  2. Mix +/- 2tbs icing sugar with +/- half tsp water – mix it until it makes a type of paste.
  3. Place a small amount of icing paste on the top of an egg.
  4. Pull apart some candy floss and stick it onto the top of the egg, pressing it into the paste slightly.
  5. Using pillow stuffing, make a small nest for each egg.

Hairy Easter Eggs

All of the images and styling by Life Style Photography & Design.

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