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Article by Alex Stewart from The Wedding Boutique:

Recently, a friend of mine (who also happens to be in the wedding industry) got engaged and of course she was over the moon!

Once she had booked her wedding planner, venue, and photographer she was keen to focus on the most exciting part of getting married – her dress! Naturally I encouraged her to enjoy this ‘once in a life-time’ experience to the fullest and visit a few wedding shops in Cape Town… she decided to take me up on my offer.

Unfortunately this ‘once in a life time’ wedding dress experience was not all she had imagined! So I decided to write an article on what YOU as a bride should, and should NOT be experiencing when trying on wedding dresses:

  • If you have booked an appointment and are paying a fee, you and the bridal party should be consulted with in a private capacity – Other women should not be trying on dresses at the same time around you. This is the service that you are paying for. Obviously unexpected things do happen and someone may arrive un-announced, but they should be dealt with in timely manner.

  • A consultation is just that – it is an opportunity for us ‘the professionals’ to find out and understand what is most important to you on your big day – you should NOT be forced to try on dresses that you find hideous, but should rather be guided into trying on dresses that you perhaps may not have seen yourself wearing.

  • You should NEVER be forced into buying a dress or making such a big decision on the spot. I always encourage my clients to walk away and ‘sleep on it’. Buying a wedding dress is not a ‘hard sell’ if you really want the dress you will come back without being forced! If the dress is not there when you do decided to go back, it was never meant to be!

  • Attitude/ Passion – You can see immediately if someone loves what they do… don’t accept anything less! Your time spent in the boutique should be a special one and if that specific shop cannot help you, they should recommend you onto someone better suited to fulfil your needs.

I feel very blessed to be in my position and my clients often comment on the fact that they can see that I LOVE what I do.

I see it as a huge honour to be able to guide my clients through this often scary and daunting process. At the end of the day if we sell a wedding dress to you or not, we are here for the long run and I always feel confident that the bride will refer The Wedding Boutique onto their friends, family or colleagues.

To view more information about The Wedding Boutique or to book an appointment visit or visit them on Facebook.

Images provided by The Wedding Boutique. Dresses from their latest collection Photographed by Sunkissed Studio at Pure Restaurant @ The Hout Bay Manor.

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