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The secret is out! Sharing one of my favorite body care brands

Bed Bath Body is one of my favorite body care and homeware stores. What I love about the brand is that their products are not only affordable and make for great gifts but that the fragrances last as long as the actual products do too.

Bed Bath Body new BLOEISEL fragrance from the plante. range

How I discovered Bed Bath Body

My first exposure to the Bed Bath Body range was just over 2 years ago when I received a thank you gift from the school committee with a hand cream and a room / body spray. After using the room spray for a week I discarded my others and replacing them with more of these from Bed Bath Body. My favorite (at that time) being the nr 5 Fresh Fig fragrance from the Bed Bath Body range. What I liked was that I was able to in this same fragrance purchase a whole load of additional products that included hand soap, a body butter and essential oil.

I purchased some of their products for my ISCA stands at Decorex and often pop round to their store at 44 Stanley for gifts. All of their products are locally produced and only the best quality. In store they have a sensory table where you can explore every fragrance, pick up, interact, moisturize, spray and get a feel for each product.

Bed bath Body store at 44 Stanley Avenue
Bed bath Body store at 44 Stanley Avenue

The new plante. range

Off-course some of their products could be spotted on my Images like with my Moroccan bathroom makeover and I nearly freaked when they contacted me to test out a fragrance from their new plante. range. I was very skeptical that any other fragrance could move me off my favorite Fresh Fig one… But I was wrong… I found my NEW favorite fragrance – BLOEISEL.

There is literally no way to describe how I love it and I have tried to capture the fragrance in my images. It smells like sunshine and pretty dried flowers with a touch of grapefruit. Ok, in my own words that is.

Bed Bath Body new BLOEISEL fragrance from the plante. range
Bed Bath Body new BLOEISEL fragrance from the plante. range

Pretty Packaging

Most of their products are packaged in re-usable glass containers in either the amber colored glass or see-through ones. You should see the shopping bags that they place your parcels in – also hand-made! But with the plante. range these lovilees stepped it up even further by packaging some of the items in rejected onion bags… The perfect item for me to give it a 3rd life!!! Weaving it into a small multi-purpose pouch.

Bed Bath Body new BLOEISEL fragrance from the plante. range


For all lovees that want to try out some of the amazing Bed Bath Body products. Order online on between 7 – 9 February, using the code ‘LOVILEE’ at checkout and get 20%! Minimum spend R100.00. (Send it to your hubby as hint for Valentines day!)

Where can you purchase Bed Bath Body products?

To view their full range of products visit where you can also purchase them via their online shop. They also have a store in 44 Stanley, Johannesburg and in Hilton, Durban.

This brand and products are definitely a lovilee favorite!

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