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The ultimate lockdown – 3 part hand lettering guide

Are you ready to start hand lettering? Month 2 of the 2020 Creative Challenge was dedicated to hand-lettering, so this post is a great addition to help you get creative! Hand lettering is a form of drawing to illustrate decorative letters, it is often confused with Calligraphy – the art of deliberately forming letters in a rhythmic fashion using a nib pen.

When it comes to hand lettering fonts there is no rights or wrongs, you will need to find your own style, but hand-lettering is characterized by thinner up-strokes and thicker down-strokes. As it is a form of illustration this is not always achieved by one single stroke, but can be re-lined to achieve the desired look.

Hand-Lettering Lock Down style

Today we share three tutorials using three beautiful hand lettering quotes that you can try at home. The goal is that you get creative with whatever you can find inside your own home, be it a pencil, markers or even make-up brushes. Borrow some of your kids’ stationery items or even use sauces from your pantry let your home be your stationery store!

The Ultimate Lockdown – 3 Part Hand Lettering Guide

So, to get started, print out your favorite quote(s), no need to be in the font you want to create, this assists with planning your page space. (PS: if you cannot view the videos here they are on the Lovilee Facebook Page as well as on the Lovilee IGTV channel.

1. Brushlettering tutorial

What you will need for brushlettering?

  • A brush, make up brush or any kind of flexible tip brush you can find
  • Ink, or soya sauce or any other dark colored sauce from your pantry
  • A4 or A5 paper, preferrably a 200GSM or higher, else normal copy paper will do
  • Tissue or paper to dab off excess ink from the brush
  • Water to clean your brush

2. Handlettering using pencils

Marker hand-letting DIY tutorial by Susan Brand

What you will need for Pencil Hand lettering?

  • Grey or color pencils
  • A4 or A5 paper, preferrably a 200GSM or higher, else normal copy paper will do

3. Hand-lettering using markers DIY

Hand Lettering DIY tutorial using markers

What you will need for Marker pen handlettering?

  • Preferably a brush marker
  • Colored markers if you would like to add an illustration
  • A4 or A5 paper, preferrably a 200GSM or higher, else normal copy paper will do

The most important part of these 3 tutorials is that you have fun!

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After completing my BA in Graphic design, I went on few career adventures until I found myself standing before the opportunity of starting my own business. My focus lies with wedding stationery and corporate and creative business branding essentially. I’m a watercolour illustrator, with a deep love of brush hand lettering and pointed pen calligraphy, but when it comes to design – the options are endless!

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