Ladies & Gentlemen personalised cake toppers

Alison is the creative behind Ladies & Gentlemen personalised cake toppers, personalised wooden cake toppers that are just too cute for words. And we are giving away two sets of these lovilees, but first let us introduce you to the lady behind these cuties.

Ladies & Gentlemen

Image by Bloom Wedding Photography

Tell us a bit more about yourself and how did you start making these personalised cake toppers?
I started out in advertising as an art director, then left and started making cake toppers full-time. I love crafts, cooking and just creating wherever I can. When it came to planning my wedding I wanted it to be extra personalised and special. My husband is a little shorter than me (I’m 6ft!) so I wanted my cake toppers to show this. After searching for wooden ones, I decided to just make my own. Everyone loved them and my husband pushed me to advertise them as there was obviously a lot of interest, I was apprehensive, but thankfully they were a success!

Ladies & Gentlemen

Image by Alfred Lor Photography

How did you decide on the name ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’?
I think everyone deserves a “mini me” of themselves and loved ones, so I didn’t want the name to be specific to weddings. “Ladies and Gentlemen” says ‘celebration’ and I like that it is an opening to an introduction, i.e. “Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Smits!”

Ladies & Gentlemen

Image by Lauren Kriedemann Photography via Mosaic Weddings

Tell us more about the process involved in creating these lovilees?
The more info I’m given, the more detail I go into, so I ask my customers to send me answers to questions such as what they will be wearing, a photo of the couple, the bouquets, veils, ties etc. Once I have the info I schedule them in, and get painting. I paint all day and lots of nights, but I really love it!

Ladies & Gentlemen

Image by Erna Loock Photography

How long do they take to make?
Each pair takes about 2 days to make.

Ladies & Gentlemen

Image by Yolande Marx Photography

Which set / topper was the most unique one you made?
Each one is unique so its hard to choose, but if I had to I’d pick it would be the toppers I made for Tracey from Australia. She wanted a one of a kind gift for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, so I got the opportunity to make her entire family (14 members in total) into toppers! It was such a special experience, and her parents were so happy.

Ladies & Gentlemen

What advice do you have for brides choosing their cake toppers?
I think there’s such a great movement towards very personalized wedding décor as opposed to the run-of-the-mill look. So my advice would be to go with something that says something about the couple and their love for each other in a unique, and personalized way.

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Ladies & Gentlemen

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