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The Miss Milly online stationery store is here!

Sharing some really great news with y’all today – the Miss Milly online stationery shoppe is here! I met this lovilee #girlboss, Theresa Welgemoed, a few years ago and am proud to call her a creative friend! She has exhibited at Tierlantynkies and some other pretty places and always has the friendliest smile when she meets and greets.

Miss Milly Stationery store

Who is Miss Milly?

I am Theresa – the dreamer of the Miss Milly dreams. A lover of all things delightful and the creator of Miss Milly pretties.
I think life is all about faith. Vintage floral washi tape. Being creative and happy. It’s about love. Pink ice-cream. Lace. Dreams. Sincere friendships and Vanilla Chai tea. It’s about peonies. Mondays. Pretty things. Afternoon naps. Vintage and the Karoo. It’s about Rhinos, baba bokkies and hasies. Percale linen. Gorgeous stationery. Carrot cake and forests.

These are the things that make my soul do ballerina jumps!

I dream of living a s l o w life. Making memories. Taking long walks and living in the moment.

Miss Milly Stationery shoppe

How did Miss Milly stationery store come about?

It all started with a roll of washi tape in (the now famous!) vintage floral design. I washi-taped EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, because it was just the loveliest print I had ever seen in all of washi land. It made for the most beautiful brooches, earrings, cake flags and toppers; changing ordinary into pretty. More than that, it inspired me to design my own stationery range and called it Dearest Milly – a combination of whimsy and pretty and floral with curly fonts reminiscent of an English country garden where sweet flowers grow and perfume the air.

The Dearest Milly range reminds us that life is short and beautiful and fragile. That we need to cherish it. To live in the moment. For the moment. To be truly IN the moment. To send that message. To make that phone call. To take that picture. To have that last piece of chocolate (or carrot cake!). To say I love you as many times as it takes. And to live life with abundance.

The Miss Milly studio is based in the beautiful (and hot!) Lowveld. And it’s here amongst trees and wildlife, big skies and little miracles, that all the pretties are born and take shape before finding a home in your unique and special hands.

Miss Milly planner

What is washi tape?
Washi tape is “a high quality masking tape made of rice paper.” this decorative tape comes in various colours and very pretty designs and I find it incredibly easy to work with. It can be used for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. You can stick it, tear it, reposition it, write on it. I have over 200 rolls that I use these days – from wrapping my husband’s lunch to adding some love to outgoing orders. I still add the vintage floral design to my collection way too often. It’s borderline obsession!

Miss Milly Washi tape

What stationery does Miss Milly provide?

Everything you need to make your world prettier! Paper pretties like notebooks and planners, gift bags, tags and stickers to wrap that special gift. There are also combinations of these lovilee items that are sold in stationery sets – the perfect gift for someone special! (We will also be giving away a Miss Milly stationery set later this month)

Where to buy Miss Milly stationery?
The Miss Milly online shoppe is like a meadow filled with wild flowers in soft colours, where you will get lost in vintage flowers and paper pretties. And that is where you can buy all your paper pretties from! If there is anything that you can’t find, you are welcome to drop Miss Milly an email at

Miss Milly online shop

Other contact deets for Miss Milly
Facebook: @missmillysa
Instagram: @missmillysa

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